Gir National Park

Right from our childhood, most of us have developed a deep inclination to lions, the king of beasts. Maybe, because the lion has been a significant part of Hindu mythology due to its fearless outlook, or perhaps the children inside ourselves still love the much-adorned Lion King character Simba. “Gir National Park Safari Online Booking Here”.

Your adoration for lions may come from anywhere. But, if you wish to behold the regality of the beast roaming at their natural habitat, Gir National Park is the only place for you to visit in India. In the country, Gir forest is the only national sanctuary embracing the highest number of Asiatic lions worldwide. The national park is located in Gujarat’s Talala Gir, acquiring over 1,412 kmĀ² area.

Go through this article to recognize how to journey to Gir National Park from Kolkata.

Reach Rajkot

If you want to make your journey free of hindrances, visit the park’s official website and go for a Gir National Park Booking. Now, you can book flight tickets. But as there are no direct flights to Sasan Gir from Kolkata, you would require to break your journey a bit.

  • Reach Mumbai by flight and then take another one to Rajkot from there.
  • Get a flight to Ahmadabad from Kolkata.
  • Buy train tickets for Rajkot from Kolkata.

After reaching there, you can hire a car or get a cab to attain Sasan Gir.

Sasan Gir from Rajkot

  • When Boarding a Flight

If you have planned to reach Ahmadabad by flight and then continue for Gir from there taking a can, the journey would require around 10 hours 30 to 34 minutes. And, for it, you need to spend eight thousand to seven thousand rupees.

  • When Boarding a Train

It would be best to reach Ahmadabad first to visit Gir through a train as there aren’t any direct trains between Kolkata and Gir. You can go to Ahmedabad, boarding a flight, and catch Bhuj Express destined to go to Malia from Ahmedabad. When you are in Malia, hire a car to reach Gir N.P directly. The trip duration would be around 12 hours and 37 minutes, and it would cost you close to 5,3088 rupees.

  • When Boarding a Bus

Needless to say that you cannot make a trip to Gir forest directly via bus since the place you will be starting your journey from to reach Gir is located at the extreme east of it. However, when you arrive at Ahmadabad, you need to board a bus for Junagadh. From Junagarh, you need to make a bit more journey for stepping in Gir reserve. Importantly, if you are interested in roaming the forest area, riding safari jeeps, go for a prior Gir Safari Booking. For the bus fare, you may need to spend around 300 to 400 rupees.