Devalia National Park Safari Booking -Tariff
Safari Zones Devalia Park Gypsy Safari (Maximum 6 Adults and 1 Child are allowed in 1 Jeep)
Price (Indian) Prices may vary, Between 4300 to 6500 (Inclusive of Permit, Gypsy & Guide Charges, Services & Taxes) Depends on Weekends, Number of Persons, Festivals, Long Weekends
Price (Foreigner) Prices may vary, Between 15500 to 17500 (Inclusive of Permit, Gypsy & Guide Charges, Services & Taxes) Depends on Weekends, Number of Persons, Festivals, Long Weekends
Note The Payment does not guarantee booking confirmation. Booking would be available only as per seat availability. After payment, visitors will have to call us to confirm their booking. If the booking is not available, your booking will be rescheduled for another date and time with your consent or will be refunded.

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Note: Devalia Safari Park remains closed on every wednesday.


Ever thought about how it feels between Wild Animals? Well, stop wondering and head over to Devalia Safari Park today. It's a nice place located in Talala Gir in Gujarat to spot and see wild animals in their natural habitat. They also call it the Gir Interpretation Zone - Devalia, and it's a mini version of the Gir Jungle Safari. It's part of the Gir Safari National Park. If you wish to see wild animals in their natural habitat, then don't wait - make your Devalia Safari Booking today. The easiest way to get a permit for this amazing park is Devalia Safari Online Booking.

You can easily spot a lot of wild animals in Devalia Safari Park without wasting any extra time or money. People also make Gir Safari Booking to watch these wild animals. This park is famous for spottings of Asiatic Lions along with other animals such as Blue Bull, Sambhar, Chital Jackal, Etc. During your safari, you can also spot various birds like Peafowl And Vultures with many more.


You should visit Devalia Safari Park if you wish to see lions roaming freely in their natural habitat. This park is famous among people as The Majestic Home Of Royal Lions. SasanGir Safari National Park was notified by the government on 18th September 1965. Since then Hunting And Poaching of Lions is not allowed here as they are protected here. Apart from Africa, this place is famous for spotting Asiatic Lions in their Natural Habitat. This area is also famous as the Gir Interpretation Zone.


devalia entry permit

To check out Devalia Park, you'll need a permit pass. Permits are limited and they start selling them at the Tourist Reception Center in the morning.

If you don't want to stand in long lines to get the permit then you can get your permit online through the Devalia Safari Online Booking. You can even pay your entry fees online for a smooth and well-planned trip. You have to remember one thing, these permits can only be used for one ride, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly and book an online permit for the best experience. Devalia Safari Booking is super easy and convenient too.

To avoid any headaches, you should apply for a permit 90 days before your visit. You have to submit ID proofs of the people who are going to be on the safari, and you have to bring your ID proofs at the time of your safari. Passports are considered the only original ID proof for foreigners.


Gir National Park is the ultimate spot for wild animal sightings but you won't need to worry about safety here as government-trained guides are leading the safaris. Plus, this whole area is wired with cameras so you can just relax and enjoy the safari.