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Devalia Safari Park

Devalia Safari Park Timing
Days Morning Timings Evening Timings
Monday To Sunday 7 AM To 7:55 AM 3 PM To 3:55 PM
8 AM To 8:55 AM 4 PM To 4:55 PM
9 AM To 9:55 AM 5 PM To 5:55 PM
10 AM To 10:55 AM
Devalia Safari Park Booking

Devalia Safari Park

Have you ever imagined how it is to be between the wild animals? Still wondering? Experience it today at Devalia Safari Park. Located in TalalaGir in Gujarat, this place is the best if you want to experience wildlife animals in their natural habitat. This place is also known as the Gir Interpretation Zone- Devalia. It is a small protected area of Gir Jungle Trail. This place is a natural reserve of Gir Safari national Park. If you wish to experience wilderness in natural habitat then make Gir safari booking today. Gir safari online booking is the easiest way to get the permit of this amazing park.

At cheaper rates and in a relatively short time, the tourists can comfortably and easily spot wildlife animals in Devalia Safari park. Also, there are maximum numbers of Gir Safari Booking for spotting wildlife animals in natural habitat. The place has maximum numbers of Asiatic lions, Blue bull, Sambhar, chital jackal, etc. Also, the tourist can effortlessly spot rare birds like Peafowl and vultures.


If you wish to spot lions roaming freely then come to Devalia national park. The place is also known as the majestic home of royal lions. SasanGir was notified by the government as a SasanGir Safari National park on 18thSept 1965. And since then hunting and poaching of lions were banned in this place for protecting the world's most threatened spices. Today beside Africa, this place is a major hub for spotting tigers in natural habitat. This place is also known as Gir lion safari park


Gir Safari gives visitors the best opportunity to experience the rustic beauty of this place. Also, SasanGir Safari booking is well known for experiencing the best of wilderness in natural habitat. Travelers can encounter a variety of wildlife in just 20-30 min tour.

SasanGir Safari offers an ace variety of flora and fauna. The entire forest area is covered with dry and deciduous trees. It is a major home of Asiatic lions. As per the stats, there are 201 female, 106 male and 213 sub-adult lions residing at this place. Also, the place is inhabited by more than 300 leopards. Devalia safari park is the home of different species of deer. Spotting worlds only four horn antelope - Chowsingha is not a difficult task here. Apart from these, the place has a variety of smaller carnivores animals like Indian fox, jackal and Striped Hyena.

The place is also the shelter of more than 200 species of birds. Moreover, the park is declared as an important bird area by the Indian Bird Conservation Network. Gir National Park is also the habitat of critically endangered white-backed and long-billed vultures.

The place has more than 40 species of reptiles and amphibians. The visitors can effortlessly spot Marsh Crocodile in large numbers. Also, spotting king cobra, Russell's viper, saw-scaled viper, and the krait is easy going.


To explore Devalia national park, the visitor needs to have a permit pass which is generally issued from the tourist reception center. They are limited in numbers and are sold on the center from the morning itself.

The tourist can also get permits of the park via Gir National Park online booking. It is the best way to avoid hassles and long queues. Gir National Park Entry Fees can also be paid online for a hassle-free and well-planned trip. It is to be noted that the permits are only valid for a day. So it is best to plan your trip and book your permit online for the best of experience. Gir lion safari booking is an easy and convenient way of exploring this place.

Also, to avoid any kind of inconvenience, it is best to apply for permit 90 days in advance. Along with the application for the permit, the tourist is required to submit photo id proof of every member of the group. The booking can be done on the official website of Gir National Park.

For foreign tourists, the passport is the only legal id proof.

Best Time To Visit Gir National Park

The best part of this national park is that it remains open round the year. But to experience the beauty of this place, it is advised to visit the place during August- September. The green lavish feel ensures amazing and mind-blowing experience to the visitors.

The ideal time for visiting the place is December- March. This time is best for spotting animals roaming freely in the park or resting outside their caves.

It is advised not to visit this national park during April- May as the weather during this time is too hot.


To experience the best of this place and make the trip worth memorable, the visitors can even stay at the best of hotels and resorts offered by SasanGir forest. There are numerous budgeted to luxurious accommodation options for visitors.

It is best to make the advance booking to avoid the rush at hotels as well. To have an easy and manageable trip, it is suggested to choose a hotel within the range of 5-6 km from the park.

We are listing some of the best accommodation options for the visitors.



Devalia National Park is a place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. It has the best variety of flora and fauna. The rare birds and Savana habitat is the major attraction of this place.

The visitors can enjoy this place via bus or open gypsy. The tickets for the same can also be booked online or on the entry gate of the park. The park also allows private vehicles that are petrol driven.


Gir National Park is an awesome place loaded with wilderness and natural beauty. The place is equally safe for the visitors as well. Safaris are conducted by government trained guides and the tracks are strictly monitored on cameras.


Devalia National park is a perfect place for wildlife lovers and photographers. The flora and fauna are the unique and major attractions of this place. This Place is not less than a heaven. If you are a true nature lover and wish to see wilderness in natural habitat then do come Devalia national park and experience the beauty in real. The online booking system has made the entry process quite easy and simple. Whether you wish to see Asiatic lion or jackals, leopard, antelope and deer, this place has everything and in abundance.

Gir Devalia Animals


By transportation :- Gir national park is well connected with all three modes of transportation. So reaching here is not a very troublesome task.

By road :- By Road route, the national park is 56 km from Junagadh city and 13 km from SasanGir.

By rail :- By rail route, the tourist can reach Junagadh through Rajkot or Ahmedabad. And then can take a road trip or local train from Junagadh to SasanGir village.

By Air :- A person can come by flight route up to Rajkot or Ahmedabad. And from there, the tourist can easily get a cab till this place.