• Keep a safe distance from animals and respect them.
  • Be silent when you see big wild animals like lions, leopards, etc.
  • Use the cameras without flashlights as they disturb their natural habitat.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and wear full clothes to protect yourself from the bite of insects.
  • Make sure to protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreens
  • Keep binoculars with you for better sightings.
  • Stay hydrated during your safari ride.
  • Listen and follow the instructions of guides as they know the park.


  • Do not ask or request drivers to change the routes of safaris or to increase or decrease the speed of the jeep as there are sets of instructions that the forest department has given them about the same. Don't tell them to break those rules.
  • Do not talk loudly or play music.
  • Do not feed animals or birds.
  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed here.
  • Do not throw plastic bottles or any other garbage.
  • Do not pluck plants.
  • Do not carry or use perfume or any other strong-smelling material.
  • Do not wear loud-colored or bold-printed clothes.