Sasan Gir National Park is a wild place that is located in Gujarat, India. It is like a VIP spot for Asiatic lions. This wildlife sanctuary is super protected and it offers safety for wild animals. You can find a wide variety of plants and animal species here. This place is home to 400 plant species and 2375 different animal species. Every year a lot of people from India and outside come here to see wild animals in their natural habitat. You can also come here, this park is well connected by all means of transport. Here is a guide on how to reach Gir National Park.


  • If you are coming by flight then the nearest airports to this place are Keshod Airport and Rajkot Airport. Keshod airport is the nearest with a distance of about 70 km, and Rajkot is a bit farther with a distance of about 160 km. Once you land at any of these airports, you can take a taxi or any other transport to reach the park.
  • If you are someone who is coming from another country then you must book your flight to Mumbai International Airport. Then from Mumbai, you can book a flight to Diu Airport and after landing you can come by any local transport.


  • You must book your train from your location to Junagadh and Veraval railway stations as these stations are nearest to Gir National Park. Both of these stations are well connected to other parts of the country. You can find various local transport like buses, taxis, or cabs at these railway stations to reach the park. You can reach the park in 2 hours by coming to any of these stations.
  • There is also another option which is Rajkot Railway Station but this station is a little farther away at a distance of 165 km. You can reach the park in 3 hours from this option.


If you like road journeys then you can come to Gir National Park on your own. You can also come here by taking government or private buses from different areas. The roads are in good condition and are well-connected to various parts of Gujarat.
Here is the distance from various cities:
  • Ahmedabad to Sasan Gir - 329 km
  • Rajkot to Sasan Gir - 154 km
  • Somnath to Sasan Gir - 40 km
  • Diu to Sasan Gir - 98 km
  • Surat to Sasan Gir - 361 km