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Gir Safari Booking

Sasan Gir is a wildlife sanctuary and a forest located near Talala Gir in Gujarat. The park lies 43 km north-east of Somnath, 60 km south-west of Amreli and 65 km south-east of Junagadh.

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"This Website is Owned by DTNT Visitors can Book 'Gir Lion Safari'. Jeep Safari are refundable for both Gir Jungle Trail and Devalia. Gir Jungle Trail remains closed from 16th June to 15th Oct every year." |Devalia Safari Park remains closed on every Wednesday. We are providing Guide Jeep Service Online. Camera fee information are available locally at reception centre sasan gir.

Gir National Park The Majestic Home Of The Royal King

We are Daily Tour and Travel Private Limited, one of the young brands Indian Tourism. We know what kind of jungle experience you will need on your visit to the Gir National Park. Hence, we endeavor to use our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the forest for proffering you the best of your time and money for the Gir National Park Tour. Our experienced guides navigate you towards fulfilling your wildlife fantasies in our Gir Wild Life Tour Package by bestowing you with a lifetime experience in one of the most famous sanctuaries of India. Gir National Park, the only dwelling of renowned Asiatic Lions; hence, will always remain at the center of tourist attraction. But, along with the opportunity of locating these regal beasts at their habitat, our tailor-made Gir Wildlife Tour Package brings you scopes to detect many other elusive animals and hard-to-find bird species. You can locate antelopes, hyenas, wild ass, foxes, and birds like brown fish owl, woodpecker, blackbuck, and many others. Our proficient tour planners ensure that our clients get the highest level of convenience, comfort, and luxury during the tour. And we are pleased to inform you that all these will be enveloped within very competitive rates.

Safari Time Table

Days Morning Timings Evening Timings
Monday To Sunday 6:45 AM to 9:45 AM 3 PM to 6 PM
6:00 AM to 9:00 AM 4 PM to 7 PM
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Gir Safari Booking Timings
Days Morning Timings Evening Timings
Monday To Sunday 7 AM To 7:55 AM 3 PM To 3:55 PM
8 AM To 8:55 AM 4 PM To 4:55 PM
9 AM To 9:55 AM 5 PM To 5:55 PM
10 AM To 10:55 AM

Cancellation Rules

Gir Jungle Trail and Devalia Safari Park
Particulars Refund Percentage
Before 10 Days 75%
Before 5 Days 50%
Before 2 Days 25%
Less than 2 Days No Refund.

COVID 19 Safety Instructions for Visitors

Avoid visit if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Persons above 65 years of age, persons with comorbidities, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home.

Face masks/shields are compulsory for all the visitors including eco-guides and safari vehicle drivers.

Visitors are advised to carry the sanitizers and use them as and when required.

It’s better to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible.

મુલાકાતીઓ માટે મહત્વપુર્ણ સુચનાઓ

જો આપને કોવિડ-૧૯ ના કોઇ પણ લક્ષણો હોય તો મુલાકાત ટાળશો.

10 વર્ષથી ઓછી ઉંમરના બાળકો અને 65 વર્ષથી વધુ ઉંમરના વ્યક્તિઓ, સગર્ભા સ્ત્રીઓ તથા બહુવિધ રોગ ધરાવતા વ્યક્તિઓને ઘરે રહેવાની સલાહ આપવામાં આવે છે.

ઇકો-ગાઇડસ અને સફારી વાહન ચાલકો સહિતના બધા મુલાકાતીઓએ ફેસ માસ્ક/ શિલ્ડ ફરજીયાત પહેરવાના રહેશે.

મુલાકાતીઓએ સેનિટાઇઝર લઈ આવવા અને જરૂરીયાત જણાય ત્યારે તેનો ઉપયોગ કરવાની સલાહ આપવામાં આવે છે.

શક્ય હોય તેટલી વસ્તુ / સપાટીઓને સ્પર્શ કરવાનું ટાળવું.

Gir Lion Safari Booking

Gir Jungle Trail

Gir Safari Booking

Gir is one of India’s oldest sanctuaries, and is synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica).


Devalia Safari Park

GirLion National Park

Devalia Safari Park also known as Gir Interpretation Zone - Devalia, is the establishment of particular eco-tourism zone to reduce overload ....


how to reach Gir Safari Booking

Sasan Gir Lion National Park

Gir Forest Visit and to provide whole wildlife of Gir at single place in safe habitats.This Interpretation Zone comprises of 412 ha chain link fenced area...


Latest News & Blog - Gir Lion Safari

Gir National Park

The thought to meet and greet the mighty Lion is as fascinating as it is frightening. But, if you are eager to have such a fulfilling experience, then the Gir National Park is the destination for you.

Our Geography and General Knowledge books have introduced us to this famous wildlife sanctuary, the Gir National Park which is located in Gujarat. This protected forest is also popular as SasanGir and is located near Somnath, Junagadh, Amreli, and especially the TalalaGir. In 1965, the Gir Forest National Park was set up and since then it has been the refuge for Mama(201), Papa(109l), and Baby lions (213). The National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary has an area of 1412 km2 combined and has been attracting people since its inception.

To gather the best memories, you need to visit the Gir Forest during December to March, as it remains closed every year for the set period of June 16- October 15. However, if you are a fan of photography and can dread the hotness of Gujarat, then you will be impressed with April- May scenes. To make the most of the journey, Gir Safari Booking will be the best idea.

History of Gir National Park

When we were still under the British Rule, then the colonized princes used to invite colonizers for the game of hunt. This led to a steady decline in the count of the Asiatic lion and only a dozen or so were left cornered in the Gir Forest. This was brought to the notice of Junagarh's Nawab as this hunting ground belonged to him. To preserve the remaining precious Asiatic Lion, he established the Gir National Park which also houses various other plants and animals.

The bio-diverse importance of this place is immense and the NGOs, the wildlife activists, and the forest department of Government are trying their utmost to protectthe Gir Forest National Park.

Online Gir Safari Booking Details

The charm of viewing the majestic animal from an open jeep is magnetic and undeniable and that is why we stress on Gir Safari Booking. To understand the true essence of the Gir Forest and to make the journey, booking a jeep safari is a must. The twilight zone, dusk, and dawn are best to get a glimpse of them, so the safari is available both in the evening and morning.

    The Timing:
    • Mid October till February: 6:45 AM – 9:45 AM// 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM -6PM.
    • March till June: 6:00AM-9:00AM// 8:30AM-11:30AM and 4:00 PM-7:00PM

The online procedure of booking SasanGir Safari is very easy, but you need to remember that you should book it earlier to get the slots as everyone wishes to hit the bull's eye. For a successful booking, you need to provide:

    • The full name of each candidate
    • Preferred slot for checking out the Gir Forest National Park
    • Identity proof: Voter ID/ Aadhaar/ Driving License/ Passport
    • Carrying the provided proof during safari

The Gir Safari Booking fees include Permit, Guide, Driver, Jeep, one Camera charges as well as the gateway charges for online payment, drop, and pick-up facility from resorts and hotel on extra charges.

You also need to remember a few Gir National Park Information about booking cancellation that you cannot transfer, exchange, or resell the already reserved seats.You are eligible for a refund only if you cancel your SasanGir Safari 2 days before the actual date.

    • 75% refund for canceling before 10 days,
    • 50% if done before 5 days, and
    • 25% if done before 2days

The Ultimate Gir Safari Booking Debate: Bus or Jeep?

Devalia Safari Park

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Gir Forest National Park has a lot to offer. Keeping in mind the requirements of the inhabitants of the Gir Forest, theDevalia safari was created. Devalia is an interpretation of the denser forest which gives to you all the main components of the main theme but in a restricted zone.

On the other hand, the Devalia safari is about a bus-ride through the less-dense part of the GirNational Park which might not be very adventurous yet guarantees the sightings of the animals. This Safari is on throughout the day and can introduce you with birds, reptiles, herbivorous other than the lions.

Gir Jungle Trail

As per the Gir National Park Information, the Gir Jungle Trail is all about the raw beauty of the forest and its beautiful beats. This safari is mostly done using the jeep and gypsies that take you through the dusty alleys of the jungle where the flora and fauna play peek-a-boo with you. The timings of this Gir Safari Booking have been shared previously and if you are lucky, you might have your moment with the maned Asiatic beast. Even if you don't see the lion still the journey and the experience in itself is intriguing.

Although you can pre-book the SasanGir Safari, yet the permits are limited and based on a first-come-first-serve basis. To end the debate, it is recommended to try both the safaris to explore Gir National Park.

Gir National Park Information about Photography:

Indeedthe Gir National Park with its countless residents is like a paradise for the photographers. The clickers will not be able to rest their fingers as if you wink and be lazy you might miss a subject of yours! As mentioned, the April-May slot is the best for all the snappers but the heat can play a spoilsport at that time. So diverse are the components of this place that it will never disappoint a photographer.

Also, if you are not a professional photographer but would like to have one clicked as a memory, the charge for that is 200 INR for each photo. At the time of Gir Safari Booking, the camera charges are included in the fee.

Gir National Park: Geo-morphology and Topography:

It is always a good idea to have a basic knowledge of the place you are thinking to visit. The area of the Gir Forest mainly consists of plateaus, valleys, and moderate hills, which means you will not have a boring plain land. The undulations offer the dense forest the required oomph. As it is within the belt of Deccan Trap, so Basalt and Dolomite are the predominant rock types. You will also find metamorphic schist as well as limestone and sandstone. These varied rocks bring diversity to the soil texture as well and so you find loamy, sandy, black cotton soil throughout the GirNational Park. Quite obviously the soil near the river is moister than the hilly area where you will get murrums and stones.

Meet the Residents Flora and Fauna of Gir National Park.

We have talked a lot about the required Gir National Park Information. Now, it is high time to explore what is exactly in store for the travellers here in the SasanGir Safari.

    • The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Gir Forest is the Asiatic lion. But it also houses other species and that too in abundance. Hyena, Ratel, Leopard, Mongoose, Sambar, Wild Boar Chital, Civet, Chinkara, Porcupine, Pangolin, Star Tortoise, Marsh Crocodile, rock pythons, and other snakes share the habitat.
    • The flora comprises various species of dry deciduous trees, climbers,shrubs, herbs and among them, Teak is the most prominent.
    • The Gir Forest National Parkis popular for its avifauna as well. It accommodates about 300 types of birds including Mottled Wood Owl, Pygmy Woodpecker, Monarch Flycatcher, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Vultures of six types, and many more. Now you realize why the Gir National Parkwill pamper the photographers and the Wildlife enthusiasts?
Nearby Hotspots of the Gir Forest:

If you are filled with enthusiasm even after the Gir Safari Booking, then apart from the dense forest of Gir National Park, there is a lot more to explore.

    • KamleshwarDam : Just at the centre of the forest, you will find the Kamleshwar Dam on the Hiran river, where you will find the birds and the marshy crocodiles.
    • Durbar Hall Museum : If you are intrigued by the history of the place and wish to witness the remnants of the lives of the Nawabs, you can visit the Durbar Hall Museum. It showcases paintings, weapons, silver items, palanquins, outfits, chandeliers, and many more.
    • Girnar Mountains : If you want to add a religious tint to the SasanGir Safari, you can visit the Jain Temples atop the Girnar Mountains. Only 46 km away from the destination is the famous Somnath Temple, so you can perform a short prayer there as well.
    • Junagadh Zoo : the Nalsarovar Lake, the Uperkot Fort also deserve mention in this list of attractions nearby the Gir Forest National Park.
How To Reach Gir National Park:

The Gir Forest is quite famous and the journey options towards this venue are as diverse as its ecosystem. You can travel by road, rail, or air as per your preference and this will take you to the Gir National Park very easily and with less hassle. Let’s check the options.

Traveling by train:
    • Veraval
    • Junagadh
    • Rajkot
Traveling by air:

You can fly to the airport nearest to the Gir National Park and from there you will need to book buses, or cabs or cars to reach the actual location. The road journey from all the nearby airports to the Gir Forest is about 1-2 hours. The airports where you can land are:

    • Rajkot Airport
    • Keshod Airport
    • Porbandar Airport
    • Diu Airport
Traveling by road:

If you wish to cherish the journey as much as you do the destination, then going by road will be your best choice. The Gir Forest National Park is well connected to most of the major cities of Gujarat. Also, the conditions of the roads are good which ensures that you will be going to have a super comfortable journey. If cabs and cars are not your things then, do not worry. The private and state bus services of Gujarat are quite trustworthy. So, reaching the point for SasanGir Safari won’t be a problem.

  • Distance From Major Cities:
    • Distance from Ahmedabad: 410 km
    • Distance from Surat: 537 km
    • Distance from Rajkot: 160 km
    • Distance from Somnath: 50 km
    • Distance from Diu: 110 km
    • Distance from Statue of Unity: 468 km
Accommodation in Gir National Park

The trick of having a fulfilling trip is to stay at a place that rejuvenates you for all your expeditions. No doubt that the main attraction is the Gir Forest National Park, but to grab the chances and the limited slots of Gir Safari Booking, you must choose the place wisely.

Gujarat Government SinhSadan Guest House :

Within the premise of the Gir Forest is the government-aided guest house. As there is no conception of advanced booking of this place, so the best point about getting a chance to stay here is that you will be able to grab the early morning slot of the safari of Gir National Park. The rooms are well-maintained with air-conditioning options. You get a free parking zone if you are coming with your car. The food, room service, and cleanliness all are decent. You will be able to gather a lot of Gir National Park information from the reception desk.

Private Hotels and Resorts:

However, if you are not able to get a room here, there are plenty of other private hotels and resorts available to welcome you. Within the distance of 6-7 km from the Gir Forest, you will come across comfortable options, however, the price can be higher than the government guest abode. The room prices and availability depend on the crowd at that moment. But, then again some affordable resorts will make the stay happening.

Best TimeTo Visit Gir National Park:

Is all the information tickling your wander thirst and you wish to visit the Gir ForestNational Park at its peak time? Then for that, you need to prioritize your wants. If you are an avid lover of wildlife and wish to capture them with your lenses, then April and May are your months. Yes, the heat will bother you a bit, but the sighting of wildlife is quite promising during these months. And, so, if you have the stamina to ignore the sore rays of the sun, then planning for Gir Safari booking during the dawn or dusk might fetch some luck.

However, if you wish to bath in the serene beauty of the Gir Forest during the cooler season, then plan the trip anytime between December to March. The atmosphere will be pleasant and the outing will refresh you from the dullness of daily life.

Keep a note that the Gir National Park denies access every year from June 16 to October 15 for the heavy monsoons.

Activities in Gir National Park:

The impact of the greatness of Gir is not only limited to the Gir Safari Booking. But the authorities have planned many other activities to engage the tourists and enrich them about this protected forest area.

    • Orientation Centre:

The center was established with an intent to share Gir National Park Information with the tourists that will make them more sensitive towards the lives that are protected here. These centers are a lot like museums where you get to see life-size models of the inhabitants and get further details about theirbehavior, characteristics, and manners. You will come across these centers near the guest house, Devalia as well as SasanGir Safari.

    • Souvenir Shop:

The Gir Safari Bookingwill introduce you to the wildlife present here,but, a visit to these shops will acquaint you with the heritage of the native people. India is known for its talent in handicrafts and the shops reflect those exact talent present in this area. The fund raised from the selling of these items is spent on the improvement of Gir Forest staff and other activities related to welfare.

    • Gir Arboretum & Birding Point:

By now you are well aware of the multitude of the lives thriving in the Gir National Park and this garden is a step forward to celebrate that abundance. The nursery nurtures the rare medicinal plant species of Gir Forestand the gallery remembers those plants with their photos and scientific information. If you could not see much from the Gir Safari Booking, then don’t worry, you can catch a glimpse of the birds and deer here.

    • Amphitheater:

If you are a movie buff and documentary lover, then you must go to the amphitheater either in Devalia, Sing Sasan, or after the SasanGir Safari. Every day a film show is arranged free-of-cost for the tourists that show you the grandeur of Gorgeous Gir Forest.

If you are eager to hear the roar, make the plan and try Gir Safari Bookingthis year!