The Gir Forest of Gujarat is famous across the globe as the nurturing dwelling of Asiatic Lions. Despite receiving the footsteps of travel lovers from all the world’s nooks, this land is still embracing scores of secrets still unknown to many.  One among them is Siddis, a reclusive community residing across the area. With an estimated population of 50,000 to 60,000, mainly inhabits in the Junagarh district, they are practicing Islam primarily as their religious belief. “Gir National Park Safari Booking Online Here”

Let’s know about the experience of a traveler who had the opportunity of meeting them during his two-day trip to Gir National Park.

The man was already enthralled after spotting the regal beasts feasting over their kill. But, the incident he experienced afterward kept him spellbound for a while. As he opted for Gir Safari Booking, he roamed around the jungle area on a car, and his driver naming Asif, a friendly and energetic young man, could speak Hindi fluently.

When he was going through Talala, a small town of the Junagarh district, he noticed some significant differences in some locals’ physical features. When a young girl was asked, she came and validated that she is from the Siddi tribe while she also pointed at some others, stating that they are members of the same tribe as well.

Although their physical differences are making them dissimilar from some of the locals, incorporating Siddi culture with the locals was even more fascinating. After a while, it came to notice that the driver, Asif, was also a member of the same tribe. However, exterminating the traveler’s awe, the driver then stated that there’s nothing to be surprised by since they are dwelling in this land for way longer than a century.

He also mentioned that the Bantu tribe of East Africa is believed to be their ancestor. The Census of 1931 stated that the Portuguese brought them to Indian soil for slavery in the last part of the 17th century. But according to a few others, they had been brought to this country by Arabians during the 7th century, far before the Portuguese’s time. 

After abolishing slavery, they came to this far and remote jungle area so that no one could capture and torture them anymore. The traces of this community can be located across the coastal region of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. 

Spending some days in Sasan Gir,you may also come across some of such surprising secrets the place holds.  Hence, bring out some time from your daily schedule and invest it in fulfilling the wonder craving within you. Go for a Gir National Park Booking, and visit the land of mysticism, the ground or regality – Gir.