Wildlife lovers are more fascinated with wildlife sanctuaries than zoos.  Zoos only display a collection of animals surrounded by a cage to the public. But in Wildlife sanctuaries like Gir National Park endows people to spot the wild beasts prowling freely in the jungle, in their natural habitat. The wildlife sanctuaries are created to protect the endangered animals and from the disturbance of humans.

The parks’ prime goal is to provide a comfortable living to the animals, where they can reside freely without any domination. The parks are surrounded by dense forest, lakes, dams, beautiful animals, and a wide variety of fauna to build a robust ecosystem. The forest department took the initiative to monetize the wild felines and incorporate a better treatment for them. Before entering the forest, you have to obtain Gir National Park Booking for tickets.

To See the Best Views of the Lions during Gir Safari

Gir National Park, situated in the Junagadh district of Gujarat, welcomes tourists worldwide in every season to insight the most dangerous but cute Asiatic Lions. Winter is the season to celebrate the beautiful chilly weather with the lions and other Sasan Gir animals.Safaris are the park’s main attraction, without which you cannot explore the inner core of the forest.

Many entry points are allocated to safari jeeps by the reception once you hold the Gir Safari Booking from the Sinh Sadan Ticket counter. Travelers are optimistic about sighting the most ferocious lions on an open gypsy. The trill is unique, but enchanting too, as it gives the true essence of the forest and the wild beast residing in that forest.

The Safaris in the Gir National Park

There is nothing more entertaining than to beat the pleasure of watching the wild beasts roaming in front of you. The Gir National Park reception provides the guide to navigate us to every corner of the jungle. They can show us the best path, where we can see the lions and other dangerous species in the wilderness, as they are familiar with the jungle environment. There are in total 13 routes allocated to each jeep safari.

Some guides belong to the Sidhi community, ancestors of East Africa. In India, they are founded in the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. But now, they don’t have any connection with their natives; they are integrated into India’s culture and tradition. Safaris in the Gir National Park offer two times services to travelers, once in the morning and the evening, with a time duration of 3 hours each.

Gir forest bestows a variety of flora and fauna, to the travelers, in the lap of nature. Many photographers come here to capture the best picture of the wild beasts, to earn more money after exhibiting them at any event. Thus, wildlife sanctuaries are the most acceptable way to conserve and protect the wild beasts from being extinct forever.