Gir Forest

More likely the human being has kept their habitat invaded with frequent visits for decades; an Asiatic lion has recently been found chilling and enjoying the drizzles on the roof of a house at Gir Forest. Residents of a village close to the Gir National Park had witnessed a shocking encounter with a royal Asiatic lion. Scared by its presence, they immediately moved away towards a safe distance. An Indian Forest Service Official, Susanta Nanda uploaded a short video on his Twitter handle, which captured the scene very clearly. The video roughly invited over 6000 views; besides, it garnered several likes, comments, and Re-tweets. All the netizens were stunned watching the video.

The IFS Officer, Mr. Nanda, ironically captioned the video, and it spoke of the reality taking place due to rapid Sasan Gir Safari throughout the years. His caption reads, “Rooftop Restaurant: Lions at Gir have become more adaptive than the most adaptive of all big cats- the leopards. They are part of the human landscape now.”

Posted on August 19, the video displays a lion taking a stroll on the roof of a house, gazing here and there, and probably enjoying the rain. Two scared residents can be seen running away from the lion at an immense pace. The Lion had come down-and-out from the Gir National Park at Junagadh, Gujarat, which is a wildlife sanctuary that was conceptualized in the year 1965, to preserve the endangered royal Asiatic Lions.

Many Tweeter users Re-twitted and commented about the incident. A user commented on the post, “Big mistake not to disperse them to different habitats within India. Their forest area is not enough so they have to go into human areas. Another user wrote, “This will soon become man-animal conflict as Gir Lions are more used to Humans now and they are not scared.” Some of the netizens also made sarcastic comments, such as, “Menu is limited and it’s not A La Carte”, or, “Seems like the menu is uninteresting!! May change the hotel next time”. Many Tweeples have even shared the video with ironical captions.

Well, this video forms Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is not the first lion video going viral among the netizens. A while back, a video of an aggressive fight between a pride of lions and a group of honey badgers was doing rounds on the social networking sites. The 25 seconds video was about the pride of lions following the honey badgers, where the latter fellows turned back and retaliated. At the end of the battle, the honey badgers emerged to be victorious. If you want to visit Gir National Park visit Gir Safari Booking website portal for safari booking.