Sasan Gir

It is known to many of us that the Asiatic lions used to roam across the Indian subcontinent before the British colonials followed excessive hunting. As a result, they decimated their population. It led to a tremendous decrease in the numbers of the lion in the 1800 century and concentrated only in Sasan Gir.

These seek the Nawab of Junagadh, who decided to convert the region into a wildlife sanctuary. Since then, taking the British authorities’ aid, nawab fell into the wise work to save the lions. Today, the park is the safest place for the lions to stay, along with other felines. The region forms a thriving ecosystem for the diverse flora and fauna in the Gir Forest. You have to make a Gir Safari Booking to cherish the safari on an open gypsy.

Know more about Kankai Mata Temple

Other than Gir first, this is the place where you can cherish the newest gateway for nature lovers. It takes 25 km to reach the temple from Gir Forest. Tucked away in the wilderness, the temple gives a picturesque view of the forest and thrilling too. You will be thrilled while visiting the place because, in the evening, you can hear the roar and trumpets sound of the lions who wander along the Shingavada river, flowing alongside the temple.

Amidst the Gir National Park, there is a Hindu holy place named Kankai Mata temple in the Saurashtra region. The temple became famous after the mega character from the Mahabharata epic, Sri Arjun, once came to this region. Once traveling along with the place, Pandava got thirsty; Arjun used his bow to discover a lake from the earth to get some water. It has been said that since then, the lake is flowing beside the temple. Shri Kankai Mataji is worshipped in this temple along with Lord Shiva. Shri Kankai Mata is known as the principal Goddess of castes in the Hindu religion.

Only 50 devotees are allowed to visit the temple every day, and none can stay there at night as it comes within the restricted zone. The best time to view the temple is to get a clear view of the forest in the early morning. Every year many tourists and devotees come here to visit the temple, and the temple also provides meals for the devotees. As per norms, no tourist is allowed to stay in that region after sunset. Before that, many tourists can see the lions strolling near the river with their cubs near the temple’s river. Gir Online Booking is the ticket for entrance to the park.