Gir National Park

Do you know where lions reside aside from the landmass of Africa? All Indians are proud of the fact that Asiatic Lions also have a home in India. It is the Gir National Park where Lions live and roam freely in the jungle in their pride.

Besides the lions, the forest is famous for other animals, such as Ratel, Civet Cat, Mongoose, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Jackal, and Hyena. Some of the rare Gir Forest animals, like rusty-spotted cats and desert cats can also be seen here. Bird’s lovers can also visit the park as it creates a heaven atmosphere for birds to leave their magnificent habitats in this place. Gir Safari Booking is the permit to enter the park.

Best Places of Gir National Park

Nalsarovar Lake

A universally acclaimed wetland is the idyllic gateway for nature lovers near Ahmedabad, with a vast waterfowl source and a host of different species of birds. Obtain a Gir National Park booking to enter the region. The place is apt for bird lovers and photographers who like to indulge in bird watching. The winter season is the best time to visit the park as birds from different regions come to the Gir Forest for migration.

Kamleshwar Dam

Amid the Gir Forest, this place always attracts travelers for years and is set to be a picturesque spot that must not be anyhow missed out from your list. This dam is located over the famous Hiran River, which passes amidst the jungle among the seven rivers flowing within the region. It has become a perfect breeding spot for marsh crocodiles and resting ground for many species of birds.

Girnar Mountain

Girnar hills are a group of mountains located in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. The place is famous for the Jain temple situated at the hilltop.

Tribal Festival

There are still two types of tribes found in the Gir Forest who share the same space with the royal kingdom’s lions fearlessly for years. They are Maldharis and Siddhis. The festival manifests the culture and tradition of the tribals living here for decades. Dang Darbar was organized a couple of days before Holi by the tribals and travelers from across the globe. Chitra Vichitra fair is held a fortnight after the festival. Travelers also enjoy the folk dance and the food at the festival.

Travel Connection

  • The railway station is around 72 km away from the GIR NATIONAL PARK.
  • The airport is 160 km away from the Sasan Gir.
  • The bus station is 70 km away from Gir National Park.
  • Hospital is 50 km away from the Gir forest region.


Thus, today parks have become more critical to ensure the good health and sustainability of our planet. It connects us with the real world of nature and teaches us all to be better stewards of our only home. Hence we always motivate travelers to visit the enthralling and innocent species in the Sasan Gir to know more about wildlife and respect their existence.