Different Temples to Visit Near Gir Forest

Gir Forest, Today, we’re here to list down a few temples that you should visit to calm your mind during your compact tour schedule to Gir National Park. Say, you can enjoy the view of the sunset from any nearby temple after returning from your Sasan Gir Safari, with the bells jingling and birds chirping. We assure you that it will bring a different level of tranquility to your mind.

Let’s line up a few temples of different religions nearby the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary to help you decide which one you do not afford to miss. Go through the details very carefully and include your favorite one during your Gir Forest online booking.

Kankai Mata Temple

Gir Forest, This beautiful temple, situated in a peaceful area deep inside the dense part of Gir Forest, with water body around, is an area supremely wild, which you shouldn’t miss during your family trip to Gir. After all, the temple has a natural charm of its own. You can get lucky by spotting Asiatic Lion along with other wild animals on your way to the temple. According to the Gir forest map, the place is 50 kilometers inside the jungle from the main gate.

Girnar Jain Temples

It is a group of temples that is situated on the top of Mount Girnar. The place is 80.5 kilometers away from the Gir National Park, which takes a 2.5 hour’s drive. This temple is a sacred place for the Digambaras and Swetambaras, who are the believers of Jainism.

The beautiful view of the sunset, the noiselessness, the peaceful chants, everything you feel here are worth a climb. If you want to visit the Ambika Devi Temple on the second tonk, you have to climb around 900 more steps.

Somnath Mahadev Temple

This is an ancient Shiva temple which is very popular among the believers of Hinduism. Somnath Temple is situated 46 kilometers away from Sasan Gir National Park. It used to be one of the wealthiest temples of ancient India but lost its charm after being looted numerous times by Mahmud of Ghazani and the forces around 10th century AD.

According to the Hindu calendar, the main attraction of this place is the Mela (fair) held during the ‘Karthik Purnima’. Another reason which makes the site worth a visit is its location. The temple is situated by the Somnath beach and offers a fantastic view of the sunset.

Mahabat Maqbara

The Mahabat Maqbara Palace is a historic spot 76.6 kilometers away from the Sasan Gir Forest. The building was built in 1892, following an Indo-Islamic style of architecture. This grand mausoleum of the Nawabs has been declared the best structure among all the structures of a similar architectural style. Surrounded by spiraling staircases, along with the doors and minarets made of pure silver, this building is worth a visit for architectonic enthusiasts.

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