Gir National Park – A  deep jungle dominated by its wide variety of flora and fauna, is a wildlife sanctuary located at the Junagadh district in Gujarat, India, is spread across 1,153 square kilometers. The Gir Forest Reserve, created in 1913 to protect the surviving group of Asiatic Lion, got the title of wildlife sanctuary in1965, became the only home for the endangered mighty Asiatic Lion. The drastic decline of the Asiatic Lion in the late nineteenth century brought the attention to establish a sanctuary.

Today it is considered to be the most protected area in Asia because of its biodiversity. These royal Asiatic Lions are the sanctuary’s main attraction, and tourists from different parts of the world come to explore the jungle and its dwellers every year. You can also go for a Gir Safari booking to experience the way of survival of the wildlife habitat in the deep green jungle.

We are here to tell a fantastic story unfurled in the Gir forest when a 2-months old male lion cub got separated from his mother. The story is all about the survival of the abandoned cub, his desperation to stay alive to reunite with his mother. 

The incident happened when two lionesses’ pride with their two-three cubs ventured into the forest revenue adjoining the Gir sanctuary. One of the cubs accidentally got separated from his pride. He came to a village of Juna Ugla under Una tehsil of Gir Somnath district, all alone in the night wandering in search of his mother.

He was restless as he knew that he would not be accepted by his pride and left alone if he came in contact with humans. The forest department then spotted the cub roaming in the field of the village of Juna Ugla; they, without any delay, tried to reunite the cub with his family. They searched five nearby villages to locate his mother. At last, they saw a pride roaming in the village. They took the cub and kept it in an open cage in the Kedarnath dam close to Fadsar village.

The next morning, nearly fifteen hours later, a lioness came near the cage, sniffed the cub, and identified him. And finally, he got his mother back; the mother took the cub along with him and disappeared into the Gir National Park.

A few incidents take place in the forest that directly strikes your heart emotionally. The entire incident says about the bonding of a mother with their child. Experience such adventures on a jeep safari in Gir with your bare eyes; Gir forest map will navigate you to explore the wilderness of nature.