A Short Fun Tour to the Deep Jungle of Gir Forest

With an amalgamation of culture, heritage, and beauty, Gujarat is also a roar, trumpet, and music place. The Gir National Park falls under India’s state, where the Asiatic Lions are the pride of incredible Gujarat.

The Gir National park or Sasan Gir is known as the sole home of the endangered Asiatic lion. One can experience the sights of lions prowling freely in this forest. The entire forest is enclosed with dry deciduous trees which deal with a large variety of fauna. Besides lions, leopards are the most attractive in the park. Wildlife lovers can also spot other habitats like Spotted Deer, Chinkara, jackal, Blackbuck, Indian fox, hyena, etc., as other highlights of the trip.

If you want your tour filled with mystery and excitement, don’t wait for anything else; start your adventure right from the Gir National Park. Sprawling over 1412 square kilometers, the park embraces you with a fantastic world full of wildlife, an array of natural reserves, and birds. Photographers, keep your camera ready to click the unstoppable moments of the enchanting Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, and many riverside sparrows.

The Gir National Park Fun Tour package includes a well-designed itinerary exclusively for the tourists with duration of one night two days tour, flirting with the wilds in the jungle. You have to go to Gir National Park Booking before entering the park.

Day1: Arrival at Sasan Gir and escort to Wildlife Resort

On arrival at the station, tourists are escorted to the Wildlife Resortto rest after having breakfast in the hotel, which is just the tour’s start. Before entering the Gir National Park, they have to go for the Gir Online Booking. They can have a nature walk in the park to get some glimpses of wildlife in the jungle. With some snacks and tea in the evening, you can enjoy the call of the wilds sitting at the verandah. After enjoying the whole day with the wild beasts, the tourists are sent to their resorts to spend the night and dream for the next day, the second part of the adventurous trip.

Day 2: Venture into the core of the Gir forest

A knock at the door with a cup of morning tea signals that you have to get ready for the most adventurous trip to the jungle. The second day starts with an effort to enter the core of the jungle where the Asiatic Lions are waiting to gratify you in the deep jungle. The astonishing birdlife is a bonus for the tourists exploring the pristine wilderness. Gir National Park safaris are a major attraction here; a Gir Safari Booking is mandatory before entering to escort on these safaris. On an open gypsy, you can explore every movement of the tigers all in their natural habitat, and click unlimited pictures of them.

As it is the last day of your entire tour package, travelers are headed to their resorts to move forward for their onward destination.