India is one of the best destinations for animal lovers. People from various corners of the world travel to India to explore the wildlife and have memorable moments. The country is home to various animals ranging from domestic cats and dogs to elephants, tigers, and leopards. Here are some places that animal lovers should visit at least once in their life. Gir National Park is one of the thrilling wildlife adventurous places in India where you can spend an unforgettable time with your family. There is a lot to see and enjoy there. Gir national park online booking is also available so that you don’t have to wait in long-standing queues to get tickets.

To make it convenient for you to explore the flora and fauna, especially the Asiatic Lions without wasting time.

Best Place for ‘King of the Jungle’ Enthusiasts

If you are one of those people who just can’t get enough of wild animals, then your next stop should be the Gir National Park. It is the sole home of the endangered Asiatic lion, and one can encounter these majestic lions freely slinking through the woodland. These imperial Asiatic Lions are the sanctuary’s primary attraction and vacationers from all over visit to investigate the wilderness and its inhabitants consistently. Other national parks like Corbett or Ranthambore attract tiger lovers. But Sasan Gir is for those who are fond of ‘the king of the jungle’. If you are planning to visit there with your friends or family, you should keep in mind the various seasons and the best time to visit Gir. Mainly, the weather of the Park is categorized into:

● summers (March to May) with an average minimum temperature of 28℃ and an average maximum temperature of 48℃.

● Monsoon (June to October) with an average temperature of 28℃.

● Winter (November to February) with an average minimum temperature of 10℃ and an average maximum temperature of 22℃.

The Gir remains closed from June to October due to heavy monsoon rain. The perfect time to visit with family is in winter (November to March). The summer months (April and May) are scorching, but also ideal for wildlife photography and viewing.


To explore the entire forest, tourists should come in winter when the weather is calm and pleasant for both animals and people. Winter brings bird migrations that tourists can enjoy, along with many photographers who like to take pictures of these birds. So, visit the Gir Lion Safari website online now for Gir national park booking and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones.


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