Gujarat is full of surprises for those who want to fulfill their desire by walking around gorgeous spots. The Gir National Park, which is located in the heart of Sasan Gir, is one of them. The entire forest is covered with deciduous and dry woodland, with Asiatic lions playing an important role. This is the only area where visitors may witness the majesty of lions up close and personal.

Gir National park is a national preserve with a long history of human interference. The lion-human interaction is both secure and complicated. The most unforgettable moment of a visit to the park would be seeing the lions in their natural habitat. The Gir safari ride, which is an excellent way to connect with the natural beauty, is a comfortable method to do so.

Another feature of the Gir forest is the abundance of various bird species. The diversified population of birds would have been the major attraction of the location and the greatest viewing location for bird enthusiasts who came to see a range of lovely and stunning avian creatures of all varieties.

You should avoid making rapid movements to avoid scaring the wildlife, and you should not try to disturb or feed any animals. Smoking is absolutely prohibited on forest grounds, and shooting with a camera flash is also not allowed.

Best Way to Reach Gir and Enjoy Your Trip

The Gir National Park can be reached via air, rail, or road. If you are traveling by train, the destination station is Junagadh, which is accessible from Rajkot and Ahmedabad. After arriving at the park, you must obtain a permit to enter the grounds.

Sin Sedan Orientation Centre is the place you can obtain this permit from. Apart from hiring safaris, you can also explore the wild areas driving your vehicle. You love to indulge yourself with natural beauty and exotic scenery of the wildlife that make your day so exciting.

It is an adventurous place with a lot of fun and happiness and your family will love to watch the deadly predators that will give them an awesome experience

To make a reservation, visit the Gir National Park website and purchase tickets for a Gir safari ride. Enjoy the wonderful views of wildlife predators and beautiful birds that will make your day more enthralling. Also, be engaged in a variety of activities that can help you develop your skills while also creating a lasting memory.


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