The Gir forest is known as the sole home of the endangered Asiatic lion. One can experience the sights of lions prowling freely in this forest. Besides lions, leopards are the most attractive in the Park. Wildlife lovers can also spot other habitats like Sambar deer, Chowsingha the world’s only four horns antilog) jackal, Indian fox, hyena, etc. Some endangered species like white-backed and long-billed vultures are observed in this forest. Jeep safaris in Gir are the other main attraction of the visitors and wildlife photographers. It gives an exceptional experience to see the lions in their natural habitat wandering in the forest.

A visit to Gir will be incomplete if you miss the tale of a woman named Rasila Vadher in Gujarat whose courage will give goosebumps to many of us. Her unconditional love for the wildlife was universally praised and made her exceptional from the other workers of the first department. She was recruited as a guard at Gir National Forest- the only home of Asiatic Lions and many endangered species. She was the first woman to join the forest department in 2008. Since then, she started to deal with the wild lives and their living, and today she specializes in anti-poaching operations. Despite knowing the Indian forest was full of danger, she was fearless and had an itch to guard the wild animals against danger; she took her duties in the woods.

She proved her ability in every aspect by rescuing lionesses in dangerous operations. Once, an injured lioness was spotted in the forest, she rushed with five men to the spot, catching the wounded and angry lioness into the cage. There are many stories of Rasila Vadher, witnessing the courage and love for the wildlife in the Sasan Gir. For that, she was promoted from a guide to the Head of Gir’s Rescue Department. She wanted to take care of them from the unnatural deaths of the species due to flood, frightening, human-animals conflict, and humans’ deplorable acts. She made the team with other women guards unfolding their daily mission to save wildlife in the forest.

In her six years of service period at Sasan Gir- she had rescued about 1,100 lions, leopards, and pythons that lay injured in wells and ditches or strayed into human habitation. Her achievement in saving wildlife is exemplary. The Chief Minister of Gujarat praised her for the fearless engagement towards her duty. She was also the subject of a 2015 Animal Planet Documentary called “The Lion Queen of India”.

You can also go for a Gir safari booking to experience the wildlife habitat’s survival in the deep green jungle. To explore the Park, you can permit tickets from the Tourist reception, or you can also opt for the online booking of tickets to avoid the hassle of waiting in long queues.