News update:  The Union Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change informed the Lok Sabha that in the last two years, 213 lions have died at the Gir National Park of Junagadh District. To be exact 103 lions died in 2023 and 110 in the year 2022. Except for Africa, Gir National Park in Gujarat is the only place in the world where you can see lions in their natural habitat

Junior Environment Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey shared information about lion deaths over the past five years. He said 113 lions died in 2019, 124 in 2020, 105 in 2021, 110 in 2022, and 103 in 2023. The minister said no when asked if more lions were dying in the country.

There’s also a difference in the numbers reported in different government meetings. In the Lok Sabha, they said 103 lions died in 2023, but in the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha, they mentioned 122 lion deaths. So, there’s a gap in the numbers, which is concerning.

In 2022, 13 lions died from unnatural causes, and in 2023, 16 lions lost their lives due to unnatural deaths.

Preventive Measures

Many actions have been taken to stop lions and leopards from dying unnaturally. These include hiring trackers, putting chainlinks around the Rajula-Pipavav railway track, using advanced technology to monitor at Sasan, putting radio collars on lions, building walls around open wells in areas near the Gir border, and efforts to stop wildlife hunting.

Published by Sanskriti Goyal on February 13, 2024


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