Are you prepared to hear heavenly chanting in the midst of the lion’s roars? Are you having Goosebumps already? The same is achievable if you choose the Kankai Safari in Gujarat’s Gir National Park.

The Kankai Mata shrine is located in the heart of the sanctuary, roughly 25 kilometers from Sasan Gir. Shri Kankeshwari Mataji, also known as Shri Kankai Mataji, is the owner of the temple. The goddess is revered as the savior of the wandering shepherds in the Gir forest.

The Kankai Mata temple, located within the Gir National Park, is the wildest spot on the planet, with lions howling from within. A neighboring lake serves as a gathering place for a variety of wild creatures.

A devotee who wants to spend the night here must obtain a special permit from forest department personnel. The Gir Park Forest Department only allows 50 devotees to remain the night at a time. Ordinary visitors, too, must acquire a valid permit in order to participate in the Kankai Safari and visit the holy temple.

Booking and Refund Procedure

You must fill out an appropriate form to reserve the Gir Safari Online Booking. You have to provide the necessary information such as your identity, contact, and permanent address. You should also include the number of adults and children in your estimate. Once you complete the next step and make the payment, your reservation will be confirmed.

Where Can Visitors Stay On Their Trip To Gir Park?

Thousands of visitors and worshippers visit this temple each year. Inside the temple, meals are occasionally provided for worshipers and tourists. The temple is always open to monetary and in-kind donations. Tourists are asked to leave the temple before sunset because it is located in the thick Gir Sanctuary. Banej is a good spot to visit if you want to see other neighboring places. This is a sacred site 15 kilometers from the Kankai Mataji Temple. Another locality worth visiting is Tulsishyam.

Whatever your goals are, you’ll be able to rent a safari car from Sasan Gir’s main hub. Although the trek will take two hours, the magnificent beauty within the jungle will ensure that you have the best jungle trail. 

So, what are you waiting for? Today is the day to pack your luggage and book your safari. With Kankai Mata’s blessings, you might be able to observe quite a bit of animal.


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