Envision one sunny morning, and you are encircled by long seal trees, all away from the city’s racket and the swarm of madding crowds. The chirping of birds and cautious calls from the concealed wild animals are repeatedly hitting your ears. This can likewise be your morning in the jungle of the Sasan Gir, home of the world-famous Asiatic Lions and also of the enormous felines meandering naturally around in the wild.

You can likewise investigate the lovely backwoods calmly holding the hills’ rough slopes and the green covered valleys. The mesmerizing clean water of the river grasping the land is like a silver chain flowing within the park. Guests can opt for Gir National Park Booking online to visualize the prairies and the open, clean territories of Gir.

Without much stress, amid the dry deciduous forest, you can easily spot the samba deer’s prowling with their little ones. In any case, being antisocial, Sambas are generally discernible in the vainglorious Gir Forest’s western piece.

Voyagers who have an ache to taste the safaris in Gir can go for Gir Safari Booking, without any hesitation to confront the fabulous felines in Gir. The safari offers you to catch the sight of the majestic lions sitting with their baby cubs or walking alongside your jeep.

A piece of deplorable news came in recent times when some big cats experts researched that it’s time to find a second home for the endangered felines in different geographical areas to enrich their existence on the earth. It is obvious to think for the Asiatic lions’ future, which is relatively in danger. They face a no habitat situation in the Gir Forest, causing a massive loss of the felines.

Experts also advised that the lions have a very low genetic variation, which needs disease resistance. So they cannot withstand diseases like Canine Distemper, which affected them on a large scale. They should be relocated from the Sasan Gir to other geographical areas to develop their genetic structure, which will enable them to withstand the diseases killing many lions ineffectively. It is hard for the wilds to change their home in which they were staying for years.

But for the sake of their long lives and protecting them from the reach of diseases and poachers in the Gir National Park, we should take steps to come forward with vital initiatives as the earliest.

Thus there is a saying that “We should not need to have a “Save an Animal Day”. Save from what? In fact, “Save from whom”. – is Human Kindness, Compassion, and Caring that so desperately needs to be saved”. It is a pure thought that prompts us from inside to protect the tigers and ensure their long term existence on our planet- Earth.