Gir National Park, also known as the Sasan Gir, is a forest and wildlife sanctuary popularly known for the Asiatic Lion. It is the largest compact tract of dry deciduous forest in the semi-arid western part of India, is the last abode for the Asiatic Lion and big cats. It also comprises numerous endangered species with a wide variety of flora. It was declared as a sanctuary in1965 with an area of 1,412 square kilometers, to save the endangered species from the brink of extinction. You can likewise go for a Gir safari booking to encounter the endurance of the natural living environment in the dark green wilderness.

About Devaliya Park

The Gir forest does not have any designated area tourists. To reduce the hazardous crowd from the Gir and to promote nature education, an interpretation zone has been created for Devaliya within the sanctuary. It comprises 412 hectares of chain-link fenced area that represents Gir in a short. It is located at Talala Gujarat, tourists from every corner of the globe come to sight the lions in their natural habitat. It is a treat to the eyes of wildlife enthusiasts. 

To explore Devaliya Park, you can permit tickets from the Tourist reception accent, or you can also opt for the online booking of tickets to avoid the hassle of waiting in long queues. Experience the other unique habitat of many mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects species along with a wide variety of flora in this zone.

The main attraction of the park includes-

  • In this park, sightings of Asiatic Lion and other wild animals of Gir are easy and also cheaper.
  • To explore the natural habitat of the lions, the forest department has facilitated 30 minutes Bus Safari and 55 minutes private jeep safari.
  • The overwhelming presence of Asiatic Lions drags the attention of the visitors from the remarkable bird population, which is a treat to the bird watchers.
  • The zone also comprises a large avifauna variety. Around 350 avifauna species are found here. These include birds of prey, vultures, cormorants ducks., kingfishers, and many others. The area is one of the most fascinating bird sanctuaries in India.
  • Besides the Asiatic Lion, the exotic flora gives shelter to more than 250 spotted deer, 100 blue bulls, 10 wild boars, 5 sambars, and various other mammals and reptiles. It is a house for a large number of jungle residents within a segregated area.
  • The Gir forest is the only place in India where you can experience the big cats roaming openly in the jungle. Jeep safaris in the Gir jungle is the best way for wildlife lovers to explore the natural habitat along with its wilderness and make it the most cherished moment of your life.