Gir National Park It sometimes happens when we want an escape from our demanding concrete world to a place where nature resides. The thrilling wilderness, the soothing green lands, or a sudden sound of an unknown animal embrace our souls like a nameless lass. We stumble on the adventure, we find thrill, and most importantly, we discover peace.

The Gir National Park and Sanctuary can bestow you with the exact feeling we are talking about. Gir National Park, also known as Sasan Gir is in Gujarat, close to Talala Gir. Established in 1965, the park owns 1,412 km² area, in which 1,153 km2 area surrounds a wildlife sanctuary, home for the world’s famous Asiatic Lions.

But, this regal beast is not the only attraction that the Sasan Gir Safari Booking will endow you with. Gir holds a diverse treasure of magnetizing flora and fauna including diverse species of birds, leopards, hyena, sloth bears, deer, and more.

Flora of Gir National Reserve

Flora is one most important element of Mother Nature since it provides a home for the animals; it gifts a space where they can roam around freely and makes a soothing backdrop for your traveling heart.

Gir Forest comprises a mixed deciduous forest of evergreen and semi-evergreen trees, stretched grasslands, scrub jungles, and majestic hills. The deciduous forest of Gir is considered the largest dry deciduous forest in the western part of India.

The forest will endow you with trees like Teak, Acacia, Banyan, Jamun, and Dhak. Plant species like Umro, Vad, Charal, and more are also very detectable in forest regions. These long leave trees keep the region shaded and moisture all around the year.

Birds in Gir National Reserve

The riparian floras along the streams as well as the marshes are uniquely rich, as these are the natural habitat of many different bird species.  Besides, the hills, grasslands, ponds are the abode of various bird species both migratory and local.

You can locate over 55 different species of birds around this magnificent forest region, including the Asian paradise flycatcher, Black Dongo, White Breasted water, House Crow, Coppersmith barbet, and more. Dr. Salim Ali, an ornithologist asserted that if Asiatic Lions had not been in Gir Forest, it would have been considered the most captivating bird sanctuary of the entire country.

Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

Gir National Park’s protected area remains closed from June 16 to October 15 each year and no Gir Jungle Safari is permitted since it is the time of monsoon.  The period from December to March is often considered a climatically perfect time for visiting. Besides, despite the hot weather, April and March are also perfect for photography and wildlife viewing.