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Among all the places that commit to restoring the ecosystem as beautiful as it naturally is, GIR National Park Reservoir stands above them all. The 1400 square of lively green land is the home to the majestic Asiatic Lion. Not only this, the land is home to many other species of wild animals that coexist together. Species like chital, nilgai, porcupines and wild boars hail from this beautiful habitat. And who can forget the infamous blackbucks, and the four-horned antelope!

Wildlife lovers can have the best time of their lives here. The sanctuary is the most visited in the country and has 300 species of birds, 30 types of mammals, and 24 species of reptiles. No doubt GIR is the place you want when you want to experience nature being tantalizing as it is.

Now you are determined to have your best time here. We get it. This article will inform you about everything you need to know- safari details, habitat info, location, and steps you can proceed to get this opportunity.

Wildlife- the company we keep

Letting slide the numerous flora species, there hails, more than 2000 astonishing species of fauna. Around 30 types of mammals, 25 reptile species, and 300 bird species wait for them to be seen in their majestic ways they live their natural lives, while more than 2000 insect species adorn the habitat and make it more than a home for all.

Carnivore Species: The carnivores of Gir National Park, consist of the Indian leopards, the royal Asiatic lions, jungle cats, striped hyenas, Bengal foxes, honey badgers, golden jackals, and mongooses. And if you’re lucky, you will get a view of the Asiatic wildcat and rusty-spotted cat eavesdropping on you.

Gir National Park Safari
Unique Wildlife Experiences at Gir National Park

Herbivore Species: Chital, nilgai, sambar, chinkara, four-horned antelope, and wild boars comprise the herbivore family at GIR. The small mammals include the porcupine, hares, and the rarely seen pangolins. And if you see a blackbuck lurking in the trees, it will the most surreal moment of your life. We, wildlife enthusiasts, can relate. It really is surreal.

Reptile Species: While they walk the grasses and trails of the sanctuary, monitor lizards, mugger crocodiles, the Indian cobra, and tortoises can be found in the marsh areas. Pythons slither in the shadowy bushes and the along the riverside but are rarely seen.

Avifauna: 300 species of avifauna are a lot. But to give you a gist of it, there exist 6 types of vultures in the scavenger family crested serpent eagle, the endangered Bonelli’s eagle, rock bush-quail, brown fish owl, Indian peafowl, black-headed oriole, Indian eagle-owl, and pygmy woodpeckers. It is also home to the Indian grey hornbill but was not found in the last census data.

Gir Safari Booking
Beautiful Family Gir National Park

Safari Details

The national park covers the districts of Junagadh, Amreli, and Gir Somnath in Gujarat. To offer the most unique experience of your lifetime, the authorities encourage jungle safari opportunities. This no doubt will grant you a royal experience, you never could experience in your life.

The best way to observe the natural habitat is to visit during early or the mid-hours of the day and get your tickets through Gir Safari Booking. There exist multiple safaris based on your tasting- we have the Gir Jungle Safari, Gir Devalia Safari, Kankai Temple Safari, and more to offer in our tour packages. So, don’t wait. Book your tickets and passes right now and see nature unfold in your lap and the sun wakes up. To book your tickets, visit the official page

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