Gir National Park

Gir National Park, which has the greatest concentration of Asiatic Lions, is not secured these days. It is not about animal poaching this time; this is all about the Covid-19 outbreak that ruins the entire world from every nook and crook. The deadly virus has even not spared the innocent wild animals this time. Even the Asiatic lions are also getting affected by the Covid-19 virus. Moreover, if you want to explore the entire forest, opt for their Gir Online Booking instant from the outside counter of the gate.

With the outpouring of the second wave of Covid-19, its impact has also been traced in the Asiatic Lions. To secure the lions and other beasts in the Sasan Gir, the Government of Gujarat has passed an order to shut down the Gir wildlife sanctuary for a few months due to the alarming effect of the spread of the virus. Keeping this action in view, other states have also closed the wildlife sanctuaries and zoos to save the endangered species from diseases.

Gir National Park

A few days back, a heartbreaking news story went viral on the web, that few lions were also affected by the coronavirus disease. Some have also died, according to the report of the Gir Forest department. The unnatural deaths of the lions may cause harm to their population. The Government officials feel that it could be a massive threat to the animals living in this space.

The forest department and officials also suspect that the spread of this life-threatening disease has come in the animals from the tourists or the forest guards who came into contact with these animals. They immediately asked the guards to take precautions like wrapping masks, sanitizing their hands, maintaining social distancing, etc. they also stopped the jungle trails on jeeps or canters into the forest. The forest department must set up an emergency treatment center for the lions and other animals. However, to escort a gypsy, you need to have obtained a ticket from Gir Safari Booking from the entry counter.

Last year the Covid-19 pandemic created a massive storm in the nation, with full lockdowns, and no tourists were allowed to visit the wildlife sanctuaries. This time, the disease has become more active, and we have to take it seriously to save our own lives and the lives of the wild beasts. They are innocent and cannot talk like us; they are fully responsible for humans, who can make their existence last for years. Thus, we need to take some initiative to save the lions from every sport of danger and make them move freely in the Gir forest in their natural habitat.