When disaster hits, animals get the same experience as Humans, undergo the same terrible effects of starvation, illness, displacement, and stress. Animals living in the wild forest and wildlife sanctuaries are vulnerable to natural disasters. Earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis have devastating consequences. Many animals die or drown alive due to severe cyclonic storms or landfall crushed to death or smashed against trees and rocks. 

A prolific incident in Gujarat that kept wildlife lovers stunned is the severe cyclone that hit the coastal region of Saurashtra, Gujarat, a few days back. The storm ruined many places in Gujarat and had a powerful impact on animals living in the Gir National Park. They were afraid, finding help to survive the attacks of nature.

Strong wind can dislocate the birds, bats, and smaller animals residing in the forest. The wind can blow away the birds’ nests, fishes, and other reptiles can flow out to other places. But, fortunately, Gir residents were safe, and the severe cyclone harmed no animals in the area. Meanwhile, there was a wave of rumor when a video went viral on the web, in which a pride of at least ten lions has been seen crossing a waterlogged path following the heavy rainfall and cyclonic storm. Few people hold a statement that 18 Asiatic lions living in Sasan Gir went missing after the storm. 

The forest department claimed that before the cyclone hit Gir National park, they had already relocated the lions in a safe zone, ensuring their safety. No lions died or went missing due to the cyclone. The higher forest official stated that the complaint was false and baseless.  Such shocking newsstands up with a dilemma about the truth. Still, the wildlife lovers believe the forest officials, and due to their stand front, we can see the Asiatic Lions in India after

Africa. Gir National Park, situated in the Junagadh-Saurashtra-Amreli district of Gujarat, has occupied a vast area of 1412 square kilometers with making their livelihood comfortable and peaceful. The park is surrounded by deciduous forest, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Many tourists come here to explore the forest’s vicinity and see the endangered lions walking proudly near their gypsy.

A Gir Safari in the forest can drive you crazy when you reach very close to the wild beasts like leopards, lions, jackal boar, bears, deer, and other wildlife creatures, on a jeep. Thus, it’s a reminder to all the travelers that without a ticket from Gir Safari Booking, you will not be allowed to escort the jeep. So, plan a trip to this park to enrich your knowledge about wild animals.


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