Gir National Park bestows the habitat to make the Asiatic Lion survive on its vivid landscape. After Africa, the lions are found only in this region. Due to the daunting efforts of the Indian Government, there is a massive increase in the lion population every year. Sprawling over 12,14 square kilometers of the Sasan Gir land, the place provides us with the rare species of wildlife.
Gir Reception Center

The land provided to this national reservoir is vast, with diversified fauna and flora of the region. It was established in 1965 and is located in the Junagadh, Amreli, and Saurashtra districts of Gujarat. The wildlife living in this region is preserved and protected by the Gujarat Government, the forest department, and various NGOs of the country. The forest has kept many secrets of the wildlife poaching, unnatural death of the wild beasts, many of them have been disclosed, and many still buried in the deep dark jungle of the Gir National Park.

After knowing the reason for the unnatural deaths or missing of the lions from the jungle, the higher authorities of the state have taken many strict steps to stop these illegal acts of killing lions. The safety of the lions and their natural habitat is the core aim of the country’s people and the state authorities.

Gir Jungle Safari
  • If we observe correctly, we are responsible for creating animal poachers by allowing them to kill animals for the sake of money. Illegal safari into the park is a life threat to the animals living in the Gir forest. But if you have obtained tickets for Gir Safari Booking, you are eligible to explore the park on a safari. 
  • We build roads and highways into the interior of the wildlife sanctuary, thereby allowing poachers to access the routes into the deeper areas of forest that host a variety of wildlife animals.
  • There is a considerable decrease in the animal habitats, which leads to more animals starving and being killed by the villagers when they invade agricultural land or attack livestock in the Sasan Gir region.
  • Poaching is the primary reason behind the extinction of many wild beasts, like elephants, rhinos, and lions. People slaughter elephants for their ivory, trafficking their organs, horns, and other body parts sold to other countries at a very high price.
  • Poaching has in tragic ways led to the deaths of so many people. Poachers often bribe the forest guards to get access to the wild beasts in many wildlife sanctuaries. In many national parks where security is beefed up, poachers kill the officers and forest guards to continue the deplorable act of killing animals.

Thus, wildlife is essential for our survival, so it is our prime responsibility to safeguard them from the threats of odd humans. Therefore, if you are planning a tour of this Gir forest, you have to opt for Gir Online Booking for a hassle-free journey.