The Gir Forest is known as the sole home of the endangered Asiatic lion. One can experience the sights of lions prowling freely in this forest. The entire forest is enclosed with dry deciduous trees which deal with a large variety of fauna. Besides lions, leopards are the most attractive in the park. Wildlife lovers can also spot other habitats like Sambar deer, Chowsingha the world’s only four horns antelope) jackal, Indian fox, hyena, etc. Some endangered species like white-backed and long-billed vultures are observed in this forest. Moreover, the park invites bird watchers for its more than 200 species of avifauna. Forty species of amphibians and reptiles also reside in this forest.

Jeep safari in Gir is the main attraction of the visitors and wildlife photographers. It gives an exceptional experience to see the lions in their natural habitat wandering in the forest. The best time to spot the lions are at dusk and dawn; one can also click pictures of the lions. Gir Safari Booking tour offers a pretty clear glance of the unmatched wilderness, home of so many species. You can again go for a Gir safari booking to encounter the endurance of the wildlife territory in the dark green wilderness.

As one of the Gir National Park’s sight-seeing destinations, Girnar Hill is a sacred mountain situated just at a 2.5 hrs drive from the Gir forest map area. It attracts tourists from all over the globe. It is even older than the Himalayas, and the Jain temples and its architecture are the most ancient in the country. The challenging climb to the peak contains ten thousand steps from the foothill, attracting many tourists to visit the place once in their lifetime.

The mountain also attracts many pilgrims, who come to worship the holy mountain, and the temples are spread over the five summits. For aged people, cars and auto-rickshaws are available for the ferry from the foot of the hills. But trekking is the best option to explore the mountain to the fullest. Trek to the peak of Girnar is always to be attempted in the morning since the weather is pleasant and the climb is much more comfortable.

The Girnar hills are also considered to be the best excursion sites for mountain lovers and trekkers. The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking, and one can shoot beautiful pictures of the surroundings. The serene colors of twilight, sweet chirping of birds, Aarti at the temples makes the atmosphere blissful.

So, if you like adventure, this is the place for you to explore. The journey will take 8-9 hrs depending on the speed and stamina. It’s now your turn to plan and purchase a Gir National Park ticket and include a trip to Girnar Hill during your next vacation.