Places like wildlife parks provide lots of fun and amusement. A visit to a wildlife park is a great way to spend your vacation. Such places have a lot to give to visitors. The environment is excellent, though the climate is hot. Wildlife parks are also great places for bird watching and photography. There are many species of animals and birds that can be seen at these parks.

Today, we are going to talk about the most popular activities in a wildlife park. There are many things to explore in Gir National Park other than thrilling safari rides, crocodile farms, amazing lake beauty and many ancient temples. This park is considered one of the top wildlife sanctuaries that are located in Gujrat. You involve yourself in various activities performed in Gir which makes your whole day worthwhile and mesmerizing.

Amazing Sites to Explore

Gir safari Booking  is the best activity to watch the live wildlife creatures inside the park. It is a combination of jeep safari and walking safari to give the travellers alluring experience and knowledge about the park and also spot the wild animals.

 Devalia Park is another beautiful place inside Gir for tourists who want to enjoy a short safari. It gives the chance of watching the live deadly creatures and have a deeper understanding of the Gir ecosystem.

Another activity is visiting the crocodile breeding farm and meeting the large population of marsh crocodiles. The forest department is helping to promote the ecosystem and take care of their breeding so that tourists empower themself and watch the tough reptiles bask in the sun or while catching the prey.

Kamleshwar Dham is said to be the lifeline of the reserve area. This dam is located inside the park with a variety of crocodiles and reptiles. Travellers love this place with the natural beauty and stunning views of the park. These places are amazing for photographs with live tigers and species of crocodiles, also capture beautiful animals high in the trees and lake views.

The entire trip will be incomplete without a temple, Tulsi Shyam is a famous temple inside gir park which was dedicated to Lord Krishna and made up of stones which is a wonderful major attraction for travellers and also seek the blessings of Krishna.

So, if you are planning to visit this amazing place, Book a gir Safari ride online from the Gir National Park Website and devalia safari park booking is also available.


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