Sasan Gir, also known as the Gir Forest National Park, is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat. This place proudly claims to be the Asiatic Lions habitat, considering it as the only home for the lions and other endangered species. Its diverse flora and fauna make it a great tourist hotspot and have caused it to earn worldwide.

Lions are the stuff of African Safaris and National Geographic, of Aesop’s tales and Disney; however, I never envisioned that I could meet the lions excessively near me, in India. I packed my camera along with my luggage and set out for the trip to Sasan Park, with the hope that these Asiatic Lions will not disappoint me. Sasan is a connector of Junagadh with the other states, and there is much transport facilitating the visitors for their trip to Sasan. The journey through the Teak forest mesmerized me by its scenic beauty of Nature, which takes 90 minutes to reach Sasan.

After reaching the place I went to find comfortable convenience, but finding budget convenience is a hitch in Sasan as most of the alternatives are top of the line. I decided to stay at Sing Sadan, a lodge in the forest, to explore its habitats.

Devaliya Park

This is the place which I couldn’t afford to miss during my trip to Sasan. It is an enclosed area that gives the feeling of a small forest within a forest. I loved to experience the male and female lions along with their cubs, wandering in their natural habitat. Sasan Gir Safari is available to give a charismatic view of the jungle’s lions and other habitats. Besides, the lions Gir forest is also famous for the chirping sounds of different birds, Sambar deers, leopards, peacocks, and other species, and that is why I decided to spend more time in the Gir Forest. Devaliya is 14 kilometers from Sasan and can only be reached by private transport.

Kamleshwar Lake in Gir Forest

The next morning I set out to see the serene lakes formed by the Kamleshwar Dam. It shelters more than 300 marsh crocodiles and a location fully covered with greenery in the lap of Nature. It is a must-watch for visitors and photographers who love to cherish the beauty of Nature. You can also experience the Asiatic lions in their natural mood in this sanctuary.

To capture Lions’ panoramic view on an awful spring morning is one of my fascinating sights on the whole trip to the forest. And if you’re lucky, you can also be embellished with the sight of lions feeding their prey(sambar deer).

You can likewise go for Gir Safari Booking to encounter the natural life environment’s endurance in the dark green wilderness. You can also opt for the Online Safari Booking in Gir to avoid the hassle of waiting in long queues.

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