A Tale of Gir National Forest where Motherhood Prevailed over Hostility

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It is a jungle, deep jungle, and all the creatures that roam the place are wild.  But, sometimes, a few incidents take place for leaving us awestricken. This story is from the renowned Gir forest, where motherhood’s significance became victorious over natural rivalry.

The Wildlife sanctuary of Gir National Park, otherwise known as Sasan Gir, is located near Talala Gir of Gujarat, India. This dwelling of the world-famous Asiatic lion was established in 1965 and is spread over 1,412 km² area, in which 1,153 km² is allocated for national sanctuary.

This prolific news came in the first month of 2019, which made entire India quite astonished. A lioness was spotted nurturing a leopard cub with her two other cubs. It happened in the western part of the Gir forest in the Junagarh district. This incident seemed unique to everyone; as we know, leopards and lions both predators. Hence, naturally, they are arch enemies and never forget to attack each other every time they face off. 

The lioness adopted the cub and nursed it like her own. She was feeding it, playing with it along with her other cubs, and protected it from other wild predators. Many travelers of Sasan Gir Safari still compare this incident with our favorite childhood story, The Jungle Book. In that book, we have read about Mowgli, who was adopted by a wolf named Raksha. That is why Gir’s forest officers called the leopard cub Mowgli and referred to the lioness Raksha.  This story shows us that there’s a maternal instinct even in the wildest animal too. And, they also can feel emotions just like human beings.

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On regular occasions, fights take place between leopards and lions in the most gruesome ways. And, in most cases, leopards get defeated and even die. Gir National Forest is the only part of the entire world where the Asiatic Lions are found. The forest is currently home to over 600 lions, whereas the number of leopards is around double.

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