The Devaliya Park, situated within the Gir National Park Sanctuary, offers an Intimate Experience of Gir Forest in a nutshell. It is also referred to as the Gir interpretation zone. An area carved out as a distinct ecotourism locale allows tourists to view lions and other extinct species prowling in the forest. This zone aims to lessen Gir’s tourist pressure as a whole and bestow an exclusive privilege to watch the lions along with leopards, deers, and birds all in their natural habitat. As the park is smaller than Gir, it takes less time to explore the entire park and cheaper charges. Gir forest map will navigate you, giving direction throughout the forest.

Though the Overwhelming Presence of Asiatic lions drags the visitors’ attention from the Remarkable bird Population that is also a treat for bird watchers. The park falls under the Junagadh district of Gujarat and in the vicinity of Sasan Gir Village. To enter the park, you need a permit available online to avoid the serpentine queue outside the gate.You can embark on aGir lion safari tour to explore the wilderness of the jungle.

Here is a thrilling tale of lions in the Gir forest, which came into the news, telling big cats’ ferocious attacks upon the jungle’s foresters and guard. Safeguarding the animal species like lions and big cats is often more complicated than social media gives it a spicy bite to attract their audiences’ view?

In the evening, three forest guards went to herd a pair of two male wildcats into their cage that they left in the morning to roam in the forest. The foresters often release the lions to wander in the woods when many tourists come to watch them on a safari bus or gypsies. Suddenly, the wildcat attacked one of the laborers when trying to get the pairs into the cage. He died while fighting with the lion to save himself. Another guard was also mauled by the lion dragging him inside the forest. The other guard was left injured who was taken to the general hospital for treatment. The lions were caged and will not be rereleased into the woods.

Such heart-wrenching incidents drive many of us sitting in the urban areas, but forest trackers have to face these traumatic incidents in their daily life dealing with the mood of the royal beasts. To traverse the excitement and the thrilling nature of the wilderness, you must come here once in your lifetime. Likewise, you can go for Gir Safari booking to encounter the natural living environment’s endurance in the dark green wilderness.