The Forest department of Gir national park has taken all the credits as they spotted a tiger that they considered extinct 25 years ago. The camera located in the Lunawada-Santrampur forest felt the presence of the tigers after some years. The first is situated in the northern part of the Mahisagar district, 500 km away from the Gir National Park. The park contributes around 600 Asiatic Lions, followed by other species of the Earth. This place is the familiar territory for the lions and the tigers, residing here for several years.

Gir National Park

How did the Tiger get Trapped in the Camera? 

The tiger was 7-8 years old, and was first spotted by a teacher who was going for his work, spotted the tiger when it was crossing the road of the forest region. Opt for Gir Online Booking for the entrance. After seeing the video, the forest department of Sasan Gir located cameras on five places where the teacher claimed to spot the feline, moving around the roads at midnight.

They had also found some hair of the tigers and his pugmarks on the same area. It later discovered that the tiger died in an accident while crossing the roads within the jungle.

However, it is undeniable that the safaris of the Sasan Gir are the best way to spot the lions and other felines. Gir Safari Booking is the ticket for you to enchant the precious moments of your life in sighting the felines in their natural habitat.

Gir National Park

Natural Habitats of the Lions and Tigers

Asiatic lions, the majestic beast, and the pride of the state Gujarat adapt a wide range of habitats from the woodlands, evergreen forests, grasslands, the tropical forest, mangrove swamps, rocky country. They depend on the camouflage to attack in stealth and win over their predators. They want to occupy extensive territories and are pretty social to hunt their prey alone.

But Lions are witnessed in the Saharan desert of Africa, and the next place is the Gir National Park. At the beginning of the 20th Century Era, they were well scattered in the southern part of Asia but now are only visible in Gir forest today. They like to stay in dry conditions, just like the Deserts.

Possibility of Coexistence of Tigers and Lions in the Gir Forest

The state government of Gujarat proudly announces that Gir is the only place in Asia where the tigers and lions coexist in the same territory. However, they saw together many years ago, sharing the same periphery, though seen in many numbers. Due to multiple poaching, the population tends to decrease and is confined in Gir Forest

The forest department and the NGOs are trying their best to increase the number of lions and tigers in this place so that the tourists could get the opportunity to spot the felines and increase their sighting in the forest.