Devalia Safari Park is located near Kanar in the Gujarat state of India. It is one of India' s most fascinating and beautiful destinations, and visitors from all over the world should go there. Devalia, the lion safari park is approximately 12 kilometers from Sasan-Gir and is maybe the only spot in Asia where you can see Asia's biggest concentration of lions.

With elephants, boars, and various other animals in this park, it's an exciting attraction. Travellers can enjoy spending time with these animals by taking pictures, watching them from close range or even feeding them! It's definitely a one-of-a-kind place to visit while you're in India.

What Is This Park Famous For?

1. Lion Shows in Devalia Area: The Lion Shows are prearranged by the establishment in the Devalia area and they are amazing means of discovering the jungle and a specific technique of seeing the lions. Seeing a free lion is exceedingly difficult since it requires patience and bravery to explore the places where the lions are sighted throughout the day. The main purpose of developing this park in the Gir National Park is to exhibit free lions to all guests who come to Gujarat to visit the Sasan Gir safari from all over India or the world.

2. Other species of animals: This Park consists of many species of animals such as a Giraffe, Zebra, and Lion etc. Devalia safari park is famous for its unique concept and many species of animals that make this place a must-visit place for every tourist. The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season when you can see all animals are roaming freely here.

Necessary Things to Have To Visit This Park

Well, nowadays RTPCR test report and vaccination certificate is compulsory. You’ll also need Sasan Gir safari booking to visit the Sasan and Devalia parks. People used to wait in enormous lines for these permits. However, the government has recently begun to offer an online system for obtaining a permit. They can reserve their permission ahead of time and pay using credit cards.

There are hotels of all ranges all around the park, so finding a place to stay is not a problem. Within the park, the forest service operates two lodges. The Gir Forest Lodge and the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge are two among them. To avoid inconvenience, reserve these lodges ahead of time to avoid having to scramble at the last minute.


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