Gir National Park

The Gir National Park is a destination serving as a home to the wild felines- The Asiatic Lions after Africa. We Indians are pretty lucky that our nation shelters the most majestic beats of the planet. Many visitors come to the forest to see the glimpses of the enthralling beasts and their rich faunas. But while venturing the wildlife sanctuaries, there are some restrictions that you should maintain. Hence you could escape from the grip of the dangerous lions and big cats. Here are a few dos and don’ts to advise to the tourist for their well-being in the vast jungle-

  • Enter the park and its zone with valid permission from the forest authorities.
  • Please hire a trained guide for your benefits, who can navigate you in the jungle.
  • Do not drive off track or insist the safari drivers go out of the direction; it can be dangerous for you and other passengers on the safari. opt for Gir Safari Booking at first.
  • Respect the animals, don’t tease them or offer any food to them.
  • Don’t smoke or light up a fire in the forest; it could harm the wild felines residing in the jungle.
  • Don’t shout in the fort, and you can hear the enchanting sounds of the wild beasts and the chirping of different birds in the forest.
  • Wear dull color clothes as bright colors alarm many animals to come near you obtain for Gir Online Booking for a hassle-free entrance to the park.
  • Do respect the cultural heritage of the wildlife sanctuaries.

A few days ago, a tragic incident occurred with a 28 years old guy in the Gir Forest. The fellow came to visit the Gir National Park with his friends, but his ill fate cannot return to his home from the jungle. On his trip to the Veraval region, he and his three friends made the biggest blunder of their life.

Gir National Park

One of the fellows tends to make close contact with the pride of seven lions. Being agitated, one of the lions jumped upon him and dragged him to the jungle’s inner core. The other two managed to escape and created a panic in the entire forest area. After searching after a long hour, his body was found by the forest guards in the deep jungle.

After a lengthy investigation, the forest officers found that the three entered the forest area illegally, intending to tease the wild felines. The idea reverted with massive loss to them and their families. Understanding the nature and the behaviors of the lions is too tricky and is not the chore of a layman. Thus, without taking any risk, please obtain Gir National Park Booking to enter the forest territory.