In 2015, 523 lions were there in the Gir National Park. And, in a world where endangered species usually die out, Gir’s 600 lions in 2018 is a big anomaly.

Sasan gir sanctuary is a place of numerous human settlements which has become an integral part of Gir forest. The tribal community lived for generations and magnifies the beauty of the forest.

And the Maldhari tribe, who lives in harmony with the lions on the forest grounds, could be credited for the increase in their population.

Famous Tribal Accommodation

One of the nicest things to do in Gir National Area is to see the tribes who live within the park. The Maldharis and the Siddis Tribal Visit will help you discover the link that humans had with their natural environment in the past. This is an amazing place to visit with your family and friends.

Maldhari Tribal Settlement:

Despite the obvious risks and lack of infrastructure, this is a deeply religious community that relocated to Gir some 125 years ago. They’ve been brilliantly coexisting with the park’s wild wildlife, including lions. They believe the cattle that have escaped the park’s predators are gifts or & Prasad in exchange for living in someone else’s home. These vegetarian tribesmen live in nesses, are now an inherent part of the forest region and rely on cow rising to survive.

Siddi’s Tribal Settlement:

The Siddis are India’s only African settlement that has been arrived in the nation 800 years ago and calling it home ever since. These tribes also live in small pockets of villages in Karnataka, Hyderabad, and Maharashtra, in addition to Gir in Gujarat. Gir is a purely agricultural community where the tribesmen coexist peacefully with their natural surroundings and nature.

Enthralling Tribal Festivals in Gir National Park

Every year, the tribe hosts a festival, which provides tourists with a wonderful opportunity to interact with the tribes and learn about their culture.

The Dang Darbar celebration, which takes place a few days before Holi, is followed by the Chitra Vichitra Fair, which takes place a fortnight later. Attending the fair allows visitors to sample the delicacies of the tribes and dance with them. Gir Safari Online Booking can provide you with an entrance ticket.

So, Hurry up Book the online tickets for the Gir safari ride and visit the park to make your very moment countable. Enjoy watching a variety of wildlife creatures and get connected with the greenery of the forest.


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