The western state of India bestows lovely spectacles of the enthralling lions. They are quiet but at the same time ferocious, which attracts many tourists worldwide to get a glimpse of the lions and their family wandering in the enchanted Gir Forest. However, the forest was a royal ground of hunting for the Britishers and the maharajas, ruling out the state then. Thus, it became why the lions now come with extinctions and are purely preserved at the restricted wildlife sanctuary. Opt forGir Online Booking in advance to avoid standing in the queue.

A trip to Gir Forest can be customized within two-three days, or you can opt for a long weekend to include the sightseeing in Gir into your Itinerary. The entire Gir forest area sprawled over 1,412 square kilometers; the topography comprises rugged hills, green valleys, plateaus, and many water bodies that pass within the forest.

Let’s check out the average budget for a tailor-made trip to the Gir National Park.

A breakdown of budget per person can accommodate you to various aspects in Gir National Park,such as food, accommodation, safari, and other tidbits around the park. The article tells you about the average rates for food, accommodations, and other miscellaneous. The budget always varies from person to person, and it changes along with the change in fares like hotels, etc.

If you book the tickets on a flight before 6-7 months of your journey, the flight rate comes within Rs 7000 to 7,500. It is to be noted that the flight rates vary according to the destination you’re selecting and booking time.

Average accommodation in Gir forest is around INR 3,300/-. Gir forest endows all kinds of accommodation starting from 5-star hotels, resort to a 2-star hotel for all kind of public and travelers visiting the Gir forest.

The transportation cost comes within INR 1000/-, which means when you are traveling from Junagadh station to Gir and the nearby places in Gir.

Jungle safari is another main attraction of the forest; don’t miss this opportunity to go away from your hands. To obtain permission, Gir Safari Booking is a must. It takes INR 600/- per person in an open gypsy. Saturday and Sunday cost more in gypsy around INR 1000/- per person.

It would help if you also keep in mind the shopping time in Sasan Gir, which gives an exclusive collection of lehenga choli and many handicrafts items made by the locale in Gir. Add INR 300 to your budget for shopping.

The End

Travel lovers and wildlife enthusiasts always seek to come to this forest once in their lifetime. The natural beauty, the lovely green forests, and the sound of the wild animals echoing all over the Sasan Gir make the place stand out from the crowd. Gir National Park booking is the ticket for the beautiful adventure in the deep jungle.