Gir National Park

Reluctant to see lions trapped within bars of a zoo? But, making an extended trip to the faraway African continent is also an impossible thing? Let’s not discard your dream of beholding the regal beast in its natural habitat since India’s Gir National Park can endow you with the opportunity to have a glimpse of great Asiatic lions.

Gir National Park

 Although Asiatic lions have been dwelling through that specific region of Gujarat even before our independence, uncontrolled hunting by the then nawabs steered the species to the brink of extinction. However, interference by the Indian government came as the rescuer when the government-controlled sanctuary was formed in the place for the cause of conserving the lions found around the site. And at present, the Gir Forest is renowned as the only place in the entire world to have Asiatic lions.

 Something About Gir National Park 

Gir National Park, the government-controlled wildlife centaury is located in western Indian state Gujarat. The park is located southeast of the Junagadh district, keeping it around sixty-five kilometers away. The jungle area of Gir is home to various other species like leopards, nilgai, and antelopes, while pythons and vultures can be found around this place, as well.

How to Reach

The renowned reserve of Sasan Gir can be reached in multiple ways, but as most travelers prefer to visit the place by train, Junagarh is the station you need to arrive at first. Cause there are several convenient routes of reaching the forest area of Gir from Junagarh. When you are in Junagarh, you can book a cab, which will drive you directly to the Gir area.

Another option is boarding fights for Rajkot, Ahmadabad, or Dui and hiring four-wheelers to reach Gir. 

Places of Accommodation

Since Gir National Park is one of such places in India to receive massive footfall during the open seasons, planning a trip during that time wouldn’t put you under accommodation problems. You will locate plenty of lodges around the place, good food, and lodging facilities at an economical rate. However, the charges of some lodges can go high a bit for travelers from other countries.

When Should the Place Be Visited?

The period between Decembers to March is the preferable time to visit the place. However, as it’s considered the peak season for travelers, you should be ready to deal with a massive crowd of travelers.  And, long queues can also make you wait longer than usual.

You can also plan to hit the place between March and May. But then, you have to tackle the scorching heat of Indian summer. According to many travelers who visited the area several times, planning your visit during that particular time often increases your chances of spotting the regal cats. But, don’t forget to make Gir Safari Booking before you initiate your journey.