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How to reach Gir National Park

If you have already made up your mind to get the thrilling experience of watching the Asiatic lion approaching your safari vehicle, the next thing that comes to your mind is how to reach the sasan gir safari booking Worry not. We have everything jotted down for your convenience.

By air :- Keshod is the nearest airport to Gir Safari, and it lies at a distance of 70km. the other airport is Rajkot which is located at a range of 160km. Taking a flight from Mumbai to Diu is the best way to reach the Sasan Gir. The journey from Diu to Sasan Gir by road takes 2 hours.

By rail :- Veraval and Junagadh are the two nearest railway stations to the Gir National Park. Choosing the Rajkot railway station lying at a distance of 165km is another desirable option. Trains to all major cities are available from these stations. You can also avail of cab services for further commuting.

By road :-the national park is well-connected to almost all the major cities of Gujarat via a well-constructed way. There are numerous state bus and private bus transportation services to the national park from all directions of the state. Taxi and cab services are also readily available.

Devalia bus safari details

The Gir Safari National Park arranges a safari inside Devalia on a bus. You can avail of the safari according to a suitable time as it's conducted almost every day. In the morning, there is only a one-time slot- from 7.30 AM to 11 AM. The evening safari is available from 3 PM to 5 PM. However, this safari remains off on every Wednesday.

The Devalia bus safari within the Gir Safari National Park can be enjoyed both by the Indians as well as the foreigners. On the weekdays (Monday to Friday), the charges for the bus service for the Indians and the foreigners are INR 150 and INR 2800, respectively. On any occasion or the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the bus fare is INR 190 and INR 3500.

How to book a Devalia Jeep safari?

Just like booking a jeep safari inside the Gir Safari National Park, you need to get hold of e-tickets to visit Devalia. The main motto behind the construction of the Devalia safari park is to reduce tourist pressure inside the central portion of the national park. Moreover, Devalia also offers an opportunity for the tourists to get a glimpse of the Gir wildlife within no time.

While Gir Safari booking a safari online, remember that you can use only one log-in ID to reserve seats for six adults and one child. You should keep your Id proof ready while booking tickets online. You also need to carry that same ID proof while travelling inside Devalia. Taking a proper print-out of your e-ticket is very crucial. Children under three years of age are not encouraged inside the safari park.

Try to report the safari spot at least 30 mins before the starting time. Remember that your e-ticket does not include the charges of the vehicle and the guide. So, be prepared to bear the extra expenses during the safari. You can avoid all these hassles and quickly get a safari pass from the tourist reception center at the Gir National Park.

Some facts about the Gir Safari National Park

The Gir Safari National Park and the Sanctuary is the last surviving shelter of the current population of the Asiatic Lion in the world.

A vast extent of the Sasan Gir has been declared a wildlife sanctuary by the Government on 18th September 1965. The sole aim of this decision was to save the Asiatic Lion.

The Sasan Gir, as a sanctuary, is scattered over an area of 1412 sq. Km out of which near about 258 km falls under the central area of the Gir Safari National Park

The considerable area mainly comprises of deciduous forest with evergreen and semi-evergreen flora, rocky hills, grasslands, scrub jungle, and acacia.

The area of the park remains covered in rugged hills with densely forested valleys and high ridges. You can also get to see isolated hilltops and grassland plateaus.

The forest area of the present Gir Safari National Park was once used as hunting grounds by the Nawabs of Junagadh. The population of lions started declining drastically as a result of repeated hunting. It carried until 1900 when Nawab Sir Muhammad Rasul Khanji Babi declared the land of the Gir National Park as a ‘protected’ zone.

There are about 523 lions in Gir Safari National Park at present. The number of leopards is 300, and this colossal quantity makes Gir one of the major 'big cat' conservation sites in India.

In the carnivores group, you can see animals like honey badgers, Indian palm civets, Indian mongoose, golden jackals, Indian leopards, and, most importantly, Asiatic lions.

Rusty-spotted cats and desert cats are also seen rarely in the Gir Safari National Park .

The herbivores group consists of animals like wild boar, Sambar, Nilgai, and chital.

Now that you have known all the tidbits of the Gir Safari National Park get ready to pack your bags today and plan your Gujarat trip.