The Indian state of Gujarat embraces manifold surprises for travelers who love roaming around scenic places for their wanderlust. The Gir National Park located in the heart of Sasan Gir is undoubtedly one of them. Deciduous and dry forests majorly cover the forest region of Gir. And in that forest area, Asiatic lions, which were on the verge of extinction a few times ago, reside in many.  Apart from Africa, India’s Gir Forest is the only place where travelers can quickly behold the regality of lions with their own eyes.

Since this fact adds up tremendous value to Indian fauna, in 1965, the government declared 258.71 sq km area of Gir forest as a national reserve. Containing a stretched history of human intervention, Gir’s relationship between lions and humans is safe to be regarded as mixed. Maldharis, a local tribe, is known for coexisting with the lions for a long. But, being increased in population rapidly, their association has been disturbed.

Visiting the park, your most memorable moment would be sighting the lions in their natural habitat. Although they often get displeased observing another presence in their territory, opting for a Gir Safari Booking, you can compel your fortune to bring you closer to some of them when they are munching on recently hunted prey, roaming around, or sitting sluggishly under open sunlight, or so on. 

The presence of different bird species in large numbers is another aspect of Gir forest that often goes unmentioned. Although, according to Dr. Salim Ali, a renowned ornithologist, the diverse population of birds would have been the main attraction of the place if no big cats existed here.

Facts to Keep in Mind

While Gir National Park Booking, keeping these points in your mind will help you extract the most exhilaration during your Sasan Gir days.

  • Restrict yourself and others from making sudden movements for scaring the wildlife. And, don’t try to make any disturbance or feed any animal.
  • Intrusive photography or taking photos using camera flash is prohibited inside the jungle area.
  • In jungle premises, smoking is also strictly prohibited.
  • It’s not allowed to take pets during safari booking.
  • Littering in the jungle isn’t allowed either.
  • Carry water with you and keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the time.

How to Reach Gir National Forest? 

Reaching the Gir National park by flight, railways, and road is possible. Visiting the place through rails, Junagadh is your destination station, and you can reach there from Rajkot and Ahmadabad. From Rajkot, a journey of 65km by road will get you to Sasan Gir.

After reaching the park, you need a permit to enter the park premises. Sinh Sadan Orientation Centre is the place you can obtain this permit from. Apart from hiring safaris, you can also explore the wild areas driving your vehicle.