Sasan Gir, the excellent wildlife conservation in India, gives an inevitable threat to the tourists who come here to see the rarest wild beasts of India. The dense deciduous forest is the heaven for the Asiatic Lions- the pride of our nation. With this congenital topography of green meadows valley, water bodies flowing within the park give the place a picturesque view of nature. In other words, you can also say nature falls in this region. You can do an advance Gir National Park Booking to collect the tickets for a hassle-free journey to this park.

Gir National Park

Wild Lovers get a Panoramic Moment out here

Every year, you may notice a beeline outside the entry gate of this Gir National Park. Tourists from every hook and nook of the globe come here to see the Asiatic Lions, for whom this place is the sole home. Children get very excited, as they had soft corners for wild animals and also get scared by seeing the Big Cats, lions, Indian, Jackal, Fox, and at the same time loves to know the sambar deer, elephants, rhinoceros, birds, and other innocent mammals, residing here.

Gir National Park

The Gir forest boasts 300 species of lion and big cats, 300 birds, and 37 reptile species. This is a little information about the ranges of the vast flora and fauna of the park. But if you are traveling to this park, you can see many more rarest species living in this park. You can explore them by escorting an open gypsy, which is a part of the safari controlled by the park’s forest department. Before that, kindly obtain for Gir Safari Booking to the board in the safaris.

How to Reach Sasan Gir

If you are coming by air, you can take the easiest route by reaching the nearest Sasan Gir airport, which takes almost 7 hours driving distance for Gir forest. The smallest distance of Airports is Diu airport, 2 hours away from Gir. The other smaller airport is in Rajkot; it takes 3 hours to reach the forest.

The most common route to the park while coming on a train is escorting to on Junagadh railway station. This station has several connections to different parts of the states of India. You can choose this way to get a hassle-free journey to the Sasan Gir. You can take a private cab, to reach the park within a few hours from Junagadh station.

Alternatively, many people opt for a private bus or car to reach the park, with better comfort, when traveling with family or your beloved one. You can book a car or an onboard bus from every interstate to the park every day. This mode of transport is relatively easy and convenient for older people. You don’t have to book the tickets in advance. But in Gir, it is advised to obtain tickets from Gir Online Booking in advance to avoid the beeline outside the entry gateways of the park.