Gir National Park Imagine a sunny morning when you are surrounded by deciduous trees, away from the city’s cacophony and the madding crowd. The engine’s sound is coming from the vehicle you are riding on. You can hear wild birds, alarm calls from an unknown heard of deer, and many other rhythmic sounds from unseen wild creatures. Suddenly, you sense, an animal has got vanished in a bush, and right then a roar hits the air.

This can also be your morning in the Gir National Park, home of big regal cats. Gir Forest is among those few places in the entire world, where big cats roam freely around in the wilderness.

The Land of Hills, Forests, and Grassland

The beautiful forest proudly holds rugged hills, vast green grassland, and green coated valleys. Majestic Hiran River flows throughout the year, embracing the land like a silver chain.  You can also explore the open scrub areas and grasslands that look like an African savannah.

Antelope and Deer In the dry and mixed deciduous forest, you can easily spot one of the most sighted animals of the Gir National Park, the Indian spotted deer. Chital or the Indian spotted deer inhabits the forest area with a remarkable population of 32,000. However, being reclusive, Sambars are mostly observable in the western part of the grandiose Gir forest map.

The Asiatic Lion

The regal Asiatic lion is the animal the park is famous for. For maintaining an average length of over two and a half meter and weight of 115 to 200 kg, the beasts mostly prefer 75 kg meat of Chinkara, Nilgai, or Chital in one sitting. The Census of 2015 has asserted 523 lions reside in the entire forest area.

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How to Reach Gir National Park

Travelers, who have a thirst to taste the Gir National Park Safari don’t have to face any complexity for reaching the place.

  • Keshod Airport and Rajkot Airport will be nearest to Gir National Park as well as convenient for travelers, who want to reach her by air.
  • The nearest railway stations to the place are Junagadh and Veraval stations. You will have plenty of state buses and taxies from both the stations.
  • If you have planned to hit the place on road, you can rely on private bus services and state bus transportation from various parts of Gujarat.

Foremost, it needs to be stated that if you want to stay away from the city’s cacophony and spend a couple of days in the land of lions, Gir National Park is a must-visit place for you.